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Crypcore is going to implement a variety of technologies to provide the world with a stable coin that crypto collateralized alongside other amazing features and services. Crypcore is going to be a product of Monero which is an asset that is highly ranked in the crypto world in terms of privacy. This for one is going to guarantee users of anonymity while they are operating in the ecosystem or trading on the Crypcore exchange. Anonymity is going to ensure that traders' transactions and personal data are not manipulated in any way by fraudulent individuals.

Monero is built on the cryptographically secure and anonymous Cryptonote protocol. The crypcore ecosystem thus brings together a solvency equation, a pure crypto exchange and the cryptonote protocol to offer the world a coin with a stable price. This crypcore coin is going to help eliminate the problem of price volatility which is currently heavily plaguing the crypto space. In addition, the crypcore stable coin is also going to solve fiat currency dependence that is common on other stable coins because it will have the ability to be crypto collateralized. The stability of the price of the Crypcore is going to be achieved through averaging the collateral increase with price fluctuations.

The crypcore platform is going to earn collateral from the fees charged on the crypcore exchange which are going to be added to the collateral of the crypcore coin and therefore always increasing the collateral and maintaining the crypcore price stability. Crypcore is going to completely revolutionize stable coins as we know them and introduce a new way to achieve price stability in the crypto space.

The crypcore exchange.

The crypcore exchange is going to be a huge contributor to the management of the price of crypcore and to achieve this goal, the exchange is going to have operated in an unconventional manner. Pricing of the crypt stable coin is going to be determined by a very simple solvency equation which is going to be developed in such a way that it will be easy to use by traders who decide to adopt the platform.

If you have been trading stable coins on crypto exchanges then you probably know that these coins are usually issued by the primary organization. This will however not be the case on the Crypcore exchange as it will not have the ability to create tokens, instead, each of these crypt coins is going to be mined. This will eliminate the feature of excessive control and regulation by the issuer which is heavily plaguing stable coins today. This initiative by the Crypcore exchange will greatly improve the privacy and security of its users, as every crypto exchange should do. The crypcore exchange will mine and hold the initial crypt coins in order to maintain their value but these will not be regarded as being in circulation.


The crypcore exchange is going to be a one of a kind stable coin exchange where users are going to have control over their activities as well as full protection from fraudulent activities by malicious cybercriminals. Fees charged for transactions on the exchange are going to be as low as 0.1%.

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