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Who has written the most comprehensive and simplest to understand post on Crpytocurrency?

I have noticed how important the knowledge of crpytocurrency is in promoting one's self on Steemit.
which is an aspect dominated by whales and gluttons. Infact if you want to grow fast make reasonable post on crpytocurrency and you are ready to fly. So it means if you want rapid growth increase your knowledge on Crypto.

This conclusion as made me scout the internet for information on Crpytocurrency. how they work, who invented them and why, terms involved and whatnot.
but with each post I read, the more confusing and discombobulating the topic.

Most newbies like me are totally completely and utterly lacking in Crypto knowledge and need to learn from the basics in other to fully grasp the complexity of the subject.

Please kindly share the link in comment section below if any. And if none...please can someone who understands this make a complete guide on crpytocurrency.

I'm pretty sure they are some people just like me who are ignorant in the subject matter and will really appreciate a simplified explaination.
Thank you for reading..


I've just followed you. i agree with what you are saying about "wales".
There are lots of pseado experts talking about crypto, taking others work and presenting it as their own. Especially in so called "technical analysis".
I write quite a few informative posts on crypto. Trouble is, you get people in to crypto who are like religious fundamentalists. They won't hear anything negative about crypto as a whole. There are hundreds and thousands of scams in crypto. Its a sphere where you have to do as you have and do your own research....

Really, but it' confusing