Who would have thought we would be seeing these prices again?

That’s true! And now people who would never thought that are saying “it’s all over”. Whether it is or not, I’m a buyer. Even more if we go lower. Why? Because I’m a huge believer. I see countries like Venezuela, Turkey... struggle. When you see it, it all makes sense. August and September are usually the worst months in any market based on history. I think at the same time, these are the best months to invest in.

Madness!!! I thought we were at around bottom and that it would hover around there a while. Boy was I wrong. Lol.

We all were LOL

Got you as well?!?! Lol

A lot of people I spoke with who have been in a while thought so as well. This place can chew you up and spit you out. No remorse.

The Alts I kept, eaten alive lol. I don’t hold much but still.

Yeah I’m in like 10 things total. Projects I like and feel could make waves. Sad part is none of that matters right now. Some projects are still making progress but nobody cares currently in this climate. That’s probably the thing that frustrates me most is that this entire market it tied mentally to bitcoin.

If it can go 20% up in week, it can fall 20% in week.
It will go up longterm, with some good weeks and some bad ones.
What one need is pair of balls.
Missing pair of balls will make you sell at worst moment and purchase at worst moment.

Lol this Is too bad .... nowadays we all are suffering ...what are u say about this about bitcoin...

I think the price will not go below $4000.
Then there will be a hudge peak but how long after? This year?
A crash will follow and people will say that bitcoin is dead again.

Just don't forget we saw Bitcoin at 20k and the MC at +800b so fast! The whole process could have lasted a lot longer. 😄


market is like random moment no one know this

@crypto2crypto, you are interested in reading, maybe you read me too

You are paying for tons of fake accounts with huge volume of generated spam comments ... but you can't pay a copywritter $5 to write meaningful English comments.

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