So.. About the accordion..

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As I did mention before, I do play accordion.

Her name is Lumi, I got her at an antique store when I was 16 years old. I had just gotten my first job and saw this beautiful accordion sitting on an old table in the middle of a room marked at $350.

The lady behind the counter asked me if I played, and I shook my head, but then said, "If I bought this accordion and could afford to, I would learn how to play, just to preserve it's beauty." ( yes these were my exact words.)
She told me to pick it up and helped me strap it to my chest. The harness fit me perfectly. She complimented me on how naturally I held it. I slowly expanded the bellows and tested each key in each octave, it smelled a little dusty, but it sounded perfect!! (Still does)

She asked if I would be purchasing it that day, and I explained that I wouldn't be paid for another week. She then asked for my name and number and placed it behind the counter and said, " We will keep it here, behind the counter for you. "

I came back a week later saddened by the check I had received ( my first check) my boss had not paid me for 2 of the days I worked and I was $50 short.
I went to the store anyways with tears in my eyes.

When I explained to the woman behind the counter what happened, she immediately got on the phone and called the owner of the accordion. About 15 minutes later she came back with a sweet smile and said, "The owner is giving you a student discount, and we are excusing the sales tax for you." I paid my $300 for the accordion that came with a beautiful case, and was so excited and giddy that I went to the closest park and played it (not knowing how to play, I improvised and experimented with the keys, one guy thought I was an expert)

I named my Accordion Lumi. It means "Snow" in the Finnish language. This accordion has been through everything with me ever since, including high school, an abusive ex boyfriend who stole 98% of my belongings, 3 moves, a homeless shelter, a storage unit when I lived in a car, my apartment being robbed twice, and me moving out of state leaving it with a family member, and now a baby and 3 cats (one of which is not mine).

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Accordions, violins, any instrument has soul.. They feel our love. As a musician and a professional accordionist, I love your story,
thank you.