STEEMIT: I am putting together a team for the: marketing, promoting, production of Steemit in the U.K. ..!!


I am putting together a team for the: marketing, promoting, production of Steemit in the U.K. and if you are interested in joining the team, please let me know.


I am looking for individuals and small/medium size businesses that are looking for a challenge to: market, promote and the production of events for Steemit in the U.K.


I am looking for THREE things.

1. Drive, ambition, determination, energy and a desire to succeed are all very important to me and you must have all these with or without any previous experience.

2. You must become a User of STEEMIT as you will be paid in STEEM.

3. You must believe in yourself and believe in the STEEMIT Community. These are very essential as it is this that shines through when promoting STEEMIT.

If you meet all of the three above and you fancy a real challenge let me know.

Thanks for reading.



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Hi Stephen. I would be interested. I would love to see steemit get off the ground more. I am based in Scotland

Awesome. Which part of Scotland are you. Stephen

Perfect. I will put down on my list. Stephen

Re-steemed, friend. [:
I'm definitely a no-go for a pick, but I figured I'd spread this around.

Thanks for the resteem. I appreciate you spreading the word. Stephen

Hi Stephen. If you need anyone technical, I'd be interested in joining the team. I've taken on various commercial projects involving Java/C/C++/Python and various web development stuff(full stack) too which I think could be of great benefit. Thanks!

AWESOME..!! I definitely want you on the Team. You can be our "Computer Man". I have put you on the list and will keep you posted. The Team is building up nice and slowly. Thanks. Stephen

So we will rob 3 casinos and invest money in steemit.

I might be wrong but if you want to sell steemit, you need to change the community.
I told more than 5009 people about steemit because I believed it would be changing the ignorant and cold hearted mentality which is dominating bitshares and steemit. The reason why nobody wants to use it. People don't like to hang out with assholes, only assholes. The problem is that there are more nice and empathic people on the planet. Steemit is, right now, dominated by steemers without vision and love.

I think Steemit needs some coverage in a major IT media site with a good explanation of why it's not a scam. People get suspicious when they see it makes you money and the business model is a bit different here as it doesn't rely on ads. I'd love to see Steemit take off in the UK, but I'm not really a marketing guy, just an enthusiast. I'm in Bedfordshire and will help where I can.

Thanks Steve. I couldn't agree more. The key to Steemit's success is that people need to be educated on how the mechanics/funds/rewards actually work. Once they understand this then they will join. Made a note that you are in Bedfordshire. Cheers Steve. As always I appreciate your support. Stephen

AWESOME..!! Thanks. Stephen

Excellent post.

You are welcome ^_^
Love you Stephen 😍😘

;) ,) Love you too. Stephen

Hi there, Stephen, Great initiative. I do not qualify as I am in Ecuador right now!
However, I used to run an event business in London for a few years and am happy to assist you with any connections you might need.
My clients tended to be banks, trading houses, Xerox, The Post Office, Mars Inc - that kind of stuff. Should there be anything you might need as a reference, let me know. I have many mates still in the production side: lighting, sound, video, catering as well as planning.
Happy to assist as and where apt for you.

AWESOME..!! Have made a note. Thanks. I appreciate the support. Stephen

Congrats for the initiative!

For support.

AWESOME..!! Thank you. I appreciate the support. Stephen

It is my pleasure!

Great initiative Stephen. I will follow your progress closely.

You have DONE a GREAT effective JOB!!!

Another triple, triple, triple...

Upvote, Comment, Resteem


You're the best..!! hahaha ha. As always Frank, I appreciate your constant support. Stephen

My hats off to you Stephen. I ALWAYS believed in your message and relentless hard work!



@stephenkendal, I am more than interested to get involved. I am a Project Manager and worked mostly on large scale industrial projects, however, I am between jobs at the moment and would love to contribute to your initiative! please let me know how we steem ahead...

Hi. Could you please introduce yourself to the Community, tell us all a little about yourself and what part of the UK you are in. When you have posted it drop a link in this thread. Thanks. Stephen

Count me in. Let's see where this goes.
Beautiful Wirral, by the way...

AWESOME. I have made a note. Cheers. Stephen

Good job. Keep it up.

Thank you. I appreciate that. Stephen

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