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Hey everyone,

I'm testing something here...can I crowdsource people's ideas and brains to find innovative solutions to problems? With the price of SBD and Steem right now...an upvote at 100% from me is almost worth $1000 US. Seems like a good enough incentive to get people's thinking right?

This seems to be as close as it get to being able to create customize bounties using my vote. You are welcome to participate and pitch in your ideas. If I find one particularly insightful, I might very well give a generous upvote!

The Problem

Right now I'm getting frustrated visiting the #photography tag. I'm working with friends to remedy the situation but I would like to crowdsource your brain for solutions.

Here how it plays out:

#travel and #life are very popular...but they are often attached to #photography. Which diminished the quality of that tag because sometimes, it's just poor quality photo taken from a cheap cellphone.


I have my ideas about how to remedy the situation but I want YOURS. Submit it in the comment box below and may the best idea win!


How about we finally get communities implemented? That way you can create your own tag/communities that have moderators that can get rid of all the unwanted crap.

Asking someone like steemcleaners to patrol all the tags just isn't feasible, setting up communities seems like the best way to go.

That is definitely part of the solution


I think this paltform should show what each tag can be used for . I feel like it’s difficult to stop people from using a tag because as I know , new people or even people that have been on this paltform try to use tags that are popular so they can get awareness . I feel like the first tag should show the importance of the topic/picture .


What if articles that contained 0 images and were tagged photography were invisible in the photography display category?

Also, articles that contained images and were tagged photography would only contain the image with no accompanying text other than maybe the title.

This would create the effect of a photo album effect in the photography category.

It might also be interesting to do photography specific tags to further allow for categorization of pictures like:

  • photo.cats
  • photo.ocean
  • photo.travel
  • photo.boat

Additionally, the photo category could eventually expand into some sort of ipfs based storage allowing users to store their albums online and get upvotes on specific pictures.

You make some good points here!

Also, articles that contained images and were tagged photography would only contain the image with no accompanying text other than maybe the title.

You can kind of get this already by using Steepshot. It's not exactly as you imagined it, but if you want a photo album type of interface, then this is a good start.

Sub-tags is also a great idea; and very easy to make happen. As long as the community agree to use this it could be done without having to upgrade the Steemit UI or the Steem blockchain, since these are essentially just alternative tags.

The subtags idea is similar to my idea but not as complicated. :-)

Yeah, that's true, but the good thing about subtags is that they can be done without any changes to anything, so just decide on some of them, use them, and they're active :)

Of course, I really do want to changes to the tag system, either from the blockchain directly or from the Steemit UI. It's not working very nicely at the moment..

I'm not sure either case would require changes to the blockchain itself. I'm going to do a garbage post to see if machine tagging works on the blockchain or if it will break.

It seems to break. lol. This is okay though. I could just merge the ideas. #tag--subtag---value. This could still provide something easy for a script to parse. and its instantly usable as you say.

I love the idea of the sub tags, like photo.familypictures... and that you have an option to specify a username. for example @rival/photo.familypictures and that you get the storyboard.. Thx

That would be great @billbutler

Yeah i do agree with you. more appropriate tags should be created for further categorizing but also having pictorials apps on steemit will make it more attractive.

Maybe attach some megapixel of a picture check before you can post, or look to the metadata of a picture and this must be filled and not older then 1 year for example...
This requires a massive change on steemit I guess. I am not a developer.. maybe this can be build by steepshot..

If you used a tag system based on machine tags like #photo:date=01-24-2018, #photo:megapixel=13, #photo:geolat=12.3456, #photo:geolong=-98.7654, #photo:cat=sunset, etc. his could be useful.

I believe I said this before...
... and tried to engage developers...

We need searching and sorting on steemit.

Do you remember being promised a "resteem" tab?
What happened is the guy got it all done, but found that the back end couldn't deliver. It basically spewed out 20 followed posts (resteemed or not)
So, it went back to the drawing board... and hasn't been heard from again.

Steemit needs sorting:

You should be able to show all of your favorite followees. (this should be a personal, or public list of accounts) Your favorite followees with your favorite tags. And then after you read all those, go to all your followees and see just the posts (not the resteems)

This is pretty close to the groups function we have heard rumor of.
All it takes is storing a list of accounts. The sharing of the accounts list would be the hard part, as we don't have anything in our current interface for it.

We should be able to go to someone's blog page and then sort by tags. Steemit really should put the 5 or 6 most used tags just under the menu bar.

These are all easy things, but the interface is a pain. Its hard to get it just right, with enough information and sorting, without becoming too cluttered.

Further, we should have default tags. Such as CN or tagalog
So you can drill down from there. (Important if you don't read english)

And like I said, I tried to engage the programmers, but... I think they are all on Github not here.

A New tag may not be a solution because It needs adoption and May be flooded again with bad quality.

But, here is an Idea:

Create an interface like steemfollowers.com, but to join and to be listed the app the user needs your approval, wich would happen after some manual check of the quality (or maybe a community vote).

Now you create a New tag related to the app.

The feed of the app would only show the posts by the approved participants that contains the newly created tag.

That way, you have a personalized filter, and the participants would also see through the filters and vote on the best photos.

It would be kind of a closed curation community.

Maybe hard to implement, but doable.

photography tag is totally bs now. so, better go for a unique tag which is related to your concept ;) @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

An excellent idea to improve the #photography tag and my idea is simple, that is not everyone who places the opportunity to place a high-quality photo because of the lack of expensive technology and for this I suggest adding a division to the #photography tag. For example, "favorite photo", "professional", "author's" and so on, and then let the community decide where and what photo to evaluate. Thank you @cryptoctopus

Agree with you

We can use a specific tag for this purpose. Commonly we can use photography tag! But we can specify it like cryptoctopus-photography, likewise!
Today I started a new photography tag as tga-photography and untalented-photography!
So if we new to photography I think untalented-photography is a good idea! tga-photography is for me! If someone wish to use that tag, he/she must submit something related on my themes! Otherwise I will warn first, if he/she can't listen then flag war will begins :D
This is my idea! I think it might work well!


The only way I could imagine for this to work right now, is by creating a seperate site where a set of rules are applied before approval (if this ain't already your idea ^^). That, or wait for communities to arrive... Even if you were to change the tag, people could still upload whatever they want and the problem would eventually present itself again.

@cryptoctopus - Sir most users are using Steemit as the main app on Steem blockchain... Therefore, separate app concept will not work very well Sir... Best thing is making your own tag & monitor it closely Sir...


Yeah this is good idea tOo

Tag use needs to be intuitive or it is useless. New people come in all the time, and one day that floodgate could open. It takes weeks to months to START to catch on to all the rules and expectations about tag use already, so a more complicated answer is not a solution...
I suggest leaving "photography" as a wide open tag, then ANYONE with a photograph can use it without irritating whales or bots. Create a "prophoto" tag, or something like that, so the onus of correct tag use us upon those who are entering contests or challenges. If they have figured out how to enter, they should have mastered appropriate tag use for their entries also.
As a newbie who got jumped on for "tag spam" (on a post that garnered less than a quarter) I am ADAMANT in my stance that intuitive tag use be allowed. Having people jump in, start to have some fun, then accuse them of spam over some obscure definition of a tag that they were unaware of is a real buzzkill, and nearly had me leave the platform completely.

I touched on this in another comment on one of your previous post, but I don't think you saw it?

I see so many people creating offshoots of steemit.com that are still connected, like dtube et al, and I was thinking maybe you could do something like steemgallery.com as an offshoot where people can specifically post quality photography, drawing, painting etc. so there is a place for quality work. They could use the tag steemgallery as an example.

Perhaps something like this would minimize the lesser quality photos, but you're still dealing with people, and some just have rose colored glasses and can't see that what they saw, didn't actually translate to the photo they took.

I don't know enough about how all this works, but maybe you do and can take something from it.

Wow. Upvote worth $1000 is impressive. Good solution could be to have special tag for high quality pictures, like pro-photography or something like that.

  1. creating a new tag saying things like “onlyphotos” or “justpics” something than makes it clear to only use it if there are pics.

For high quality pics, perhaps creating the tag “HQpics” or “PROphotos”

  1. another option would be to create a new interface that connects with steem blockchain, in which people can upload only pics (similar to dtube) and have some sort of bot upvoting good posts, like the one from utopian.

the second idea is exactly what I wanted to suggest. steemit really needs an interface for photographers. something for making albums and managing lots of tags.

it is best crowdsource solution and its a wondefull idea many of us uses all these famous tags and now no one care for use these tags for any type of post and no think this tag is well combination with our post..

i see many type of tags but no one see like as a solutions of problems tag i think a tag would be must
where we post for answer our solutions of any type and when we use this tag and ask some thing which difficult for us and we want to look solution we will make a post to use that tag and experts come on that posts and give some better answer and help us @cryptoctopus

What about the introduction of keyword search?

with this, certain topic could be easily looked for as related to a particular post

The tag section, from my perspective its really good but new users find it a little bit hard to use appropriate tag as related to the post they made.

They usually end up using popular tag which is not in any form related to their post.

Making it somewhat hard to source them appropriately

It could be differentiated with the use of new, trending and hot tab as related to reward

The tagline system is awful simply because people insist on using tags that do not apply to the area, most likely to scalp votes.

Communities should help this although that would require moderators which I am not sure is the answer.

Photography might be a bit easier to alter since it is possible to scan through the posts to see if there are any images in it. Of course, one could simply post travel pics like you alluded to and end up with the same thing.

I share your frustration when I go into the steem tagline looking for updates about steem pricing, movement, or articles about the token. Instead, it seems to be a catchall for anything posted on Steemit.

I wish I had some ideas as to a solution but I do not....other than moderating, either with people or algorithms, it is tough. And some categories could use an algorithm but one like photography, how does it know it is a just a pic posted or a true post about one's photography?

The tag is a wonderful tag that should be respected by all, I think a post should be made frequently to update users to only pictures with high quality and violation of this will attract an flag or no upvote this will help check a percentage of abuse on the tag.

To solve the topic of labels I think it's educating the STEEMIANOS have know how to use the correct label

Through POST-education
I think many learn watching VIDEO and that way there would be higher quality labels that want to cure

The solution is really simple, extended tag filters that allows us to filter post by including multiple tags and excluding a tag. the good old AND, OR and NOT.
#photography NOT #travel NOT #life

Agreed that the tag photography is broken. I think the photography tag is WAY to broad. I think it should be broken down into many such as travel photography, professional photography, fashion photography and many many others.
Step 2: Then with the help of a bot we could comment on posts that use "photography" that it's too broad and is being boycotted by the whales and that whales will be giving big upvotes to people who post in the more specific tags.
Step 3 Find some benevolent whales to start upvoting in those tags.
Then hopefully the quality will move to the tags and leave the spam in the photography tag.

That's my 2 cents ; )

I am agree with you, tags should be related to the content.

I don’t know if I have a solution, but I have some thoughts about what kind of solution would work, which might or might not be helpful. I think they’re mostly implicit in what folks are suggesting, but it’s helpful to me to state it explicitly:

1. A solution should be intuitive for new users.
I’m a fairly new user, and am myself no doubt guilty of some accidental tag abuse, even as someone who’s trying to learn the community and be at pains to educate myself about Steemit best practices. I’ve been tagging posts like I would on most blogging websites—make sure you fill your five—even if some of them are less focused.

A solution should be something new users gravitate to on their own.

In other words, some degree of psychological nudge-design may be in order.

2. It should be non-coercive and non-punitive.
A decentralized system with a broad appeal doesn’t seem likely to grow and improve through more policing. Again, a path-of-least-resistance solution makes the most sense. Eventually, the police won’t be able to keep up, and without a central authority backing them, the police become just another faction—and an ill-tempered one at that.

I also think in this particular case, a punitive solution risks alienating serious artists whose medium of choice is camera-phones, or people with good equipment just starting out who are bad, but well-intentioned photographers.

3. It shouldn’t require additional development.
This is maybe wishful thinking, but again, it seems like a solution should emerge from the community. It strikes me as contrary to the ethos of blockchain to appeal to a central authority to solve the community’s problems. Even though some of my favorite solutions from the replies involve changes to the UI/structure of the site. Personally, I think the simplest development-based solution would be to restrict the number of tags per post. It doesn’t eliminate the problem, and it’s a little coercive, but it obliges users to make decisions and clarify the purpose of the post. Obviously, current users could do a version of this by choosing to restrict ourselves to two or three posts, and concentrating upvotes on posts with fewer, more concise tagging.

4. It should be able to handle some level of intentional/unintentional abuse.
This combines some of the points made above, but basically, people are going to try to abuse it, or abuse it by accident. It needs to be able to survive that behavior.

So, in light of my idealistic list of requirements...I like the idea of voluntarily limiting ourselves to fewer tags per post, and concentrating upvotes on posts with fewer tags. Obviously, there are issues with that, but it rewards purposeful posts without punishing others. Still pretty subject to abuse, I guess.

I also like the ideas that involve new, more specific tags. I just think that energy would need to be put into making those tags attractive to users.

Sorry for the giant post. Hope it’s at least a little helpful.

A simple-ish way is to separate the camera photographs from the smartphone photographs. The distinction of photography from pictures should be cleared to all, photography tags should be used if the person/author took the photograph by him/herself. Picture tag if it was downloaded or it came from the internet.

This still very vague, but hey, we all start somewhere, little by little...


We can't solve this in just one sitting.
Just my 2 cents. ;)

Of course there are pitfalls. For example, some answers are misleading, giving you a wrong direction. Some answers are at low quality. All those problems need to be solved by the crowdsourcing websites.

What I learned here :
Steemit is not only about UPVOTES & Money
It is about writing..
It is about reading..
It is about knowing people and their side of the story..
It is about learning..
It is about finding a path to follow..
It is about keeping yourself motivated to write better..
It is about broadening your thinking..
It is about spending your time productively..
It is about making you think from a different perspective..
It is about writing without any expectations of UPVOTES..

I have quite a hard time believing that. I think majority of people use the platform the wrong way. However, I want to assume I'm wrong, and I'll keep trying as much as possible to understand the platform better. Thanks.

You should totally write an article about the bitrate of your IO, since your username is InputOutput, following for the hope that you do.

I'm 100% agreed with the idea of @billbutler. It could be a good enhancement, and will definitely serve the community.
Sir @crptoctopus I really appreciate your positive thoughts (Although all the seniors should participate in such types of enhancements for sake of our awesome community. I know some of them are already participating). But you always come with some emerging ideas / proposal only for the sake of help towards common people.


Sir in my view point there should be created an system like @utopian-io. And take any random name like: Pix-travel-life. Or only for pictures you can take : pixtures.
Blog would be examined first and if it fulfills the criteria would be approved and then rewarded. Definitely you would need an team in this regard but this project could be revolutionary.

All the best dear @cryptoctopus, keep it up your good work. My 100% support is always with you.

The best and easiest solution is to create new tag for community, which is already proposed by someone.
But here I am suggesting two ideas which can be implemented with the help of bots.

  • sorting of posts which have their first tag as photography. Because I believe most of the people who publish a post with photography as main tag upload better quality pictures or at-least they think it's worth to showcase.
    For example: if I have taken good pictures during travel and want to showcase my skill of photography. I will put main tag photography then travel life fun nature etc. But if I have taken photos of low quality then I will put small write-up about my visit to perticular place and support it with pics. Then I will have my first tag travel or in some cases life then followed by other tags.

  • This is interesting. Any post with good quality pictures will be havier in size as compared to low quality pics. So sorting out all the posts with photography tag in order of size in mb will yield better results. Obviously we need not to do it.
    Also for better results we can use both techniques together.

I have been thinking about the same thing lately (not specifically for #photography, but tags in general), and I really believe there needs to be some changes to the tags if we want to find better content more quickly. Right now discovering new and good content is very difficult!

My proposed solution

One solution I have been thinking about is to have the community help decide the tags. Right now we can have up to five tags, and a single upvote will bump that post into trending/hot on all five tags.

What I would like to see was the ability for the author to select 5 tags just like today, and let the community suggest more tags. In addition I want to let everyone vote on the tags. Here a simple upvote/downvote system would do, completely independent from money rewards.

The system should be pretty easy to follow; just upvote the post for the tag if you think the tag fits. This could give it a small bump up the hot/trending page of only that tag. An upvote would still bump it up in the trending pages for all the tags.

If you don't think the tag fits, you could downvote it to make it go down the trending/hot ranking for that particular tag. I would also prefer if a certain amount of downvotes for a certain tag completely removed it, so it would not even show up there.

I think this could add a lot of value, and make it easier for communities to moderate certain tags by agreeing upon what should fit in this tag or not. We've been seeing some spam posts in the #norway tag lately because it's a fairly rewarding tag, and this has made it a lot more difficult for curators to find good content about Norway. With this proposed feature we could get rid of all those spam posts without spending SP to downvote the posts.

The problems

The solution is far from perfect, but I think it could be a good place to start. One problem I have in mind is that if the tag votes are independent from voting power and Steem Power, spammers and trolls could easily manipulate it to remove relevant tags, or add non-related tags. A solution could of course to have it tied with Steem Power, but then again, we have some rather unpredictable whales on this platform, so that might not really work.

This became really a really long post, so I hope some of you had time to read it. Please leave me some feedback for it so that we can work together to find a good solution for this problem!

Also, crowdsourcing problems in this manner is a great idea, @cryptoctopus! I believe we will get many potentially good solutions in the comment section here :)

Best regards from @valth

So far, I like the general trend of this post, and @demotruk’s post above. I think findings ways to simplify some version of your proposed system could be a workable solution, bearing in mind that no solution is perfect. Do you think a system where the tags function as the delivery vehicle for a curator’s entire interaction with a post (so upvoting/downvoting a post can only be done through one of the tags) could solve the problem you outlined in the second half of your post? It feels to me like it would make voting power/steem power inextricable from tags.

On the other hand, it presents a problem for posts that are difficult to categorize.

Cryptoctopus, I think the idea of crowdsourcing is underestimated, specially on such a powerful social media blockchain as SteemIt has. Needs to be better utilized. I'm applying the idea to BidBots and providing a way to bring quality posts to the top using a consilidated blog post of links of Steemians. I think we need to pursue more crowdsourcing initiatives and you should spur that on for sure! great post.

The best in my opinion would be to start your own tag. For example, under the science there are numerous posts and not all are high quality and some are even copy pasted etc. Bottom, bad quality.

Then came the SteemSTEM team and they created their own tag with their own regulations that users must follow to use the steemstem tag. And now if we want to read some quality science post we just have to visit the steemstem tag and it's almost guaranteed you'll come across great articles.

So you can do something similar too. Come up with minimum or basic quality requirements of the pictures that can be uploaded under your new tag and soon if people wanna see some quality snapshots, they can visit the tag.

Just a suggestion, how about #steemsnaps as the tag? xD xD

P.S. : Just added myself to your fanbase on steemauto!!

Some people just have a knack for finding and crafting the perfect share. The rest of us have to work a little harder. Really, great social media sharing is a skill. And like all other skills, it requires a little strategy and a lot of practice to perfect.

I think better go for a unique tag

Dear, @cryptoctopus, You raised a valid point here. It seems like tags are being misused and it should be stopped.
I like the idea of using one tag with one post. with this, people will choose the specific tag.

I thank you for this useful topic. @cryptoctopus
Plus I do not take it just steem me making money
But to educate myself and learn about many of the cultures of the world is a creative show
Exchange ideas with others
Help and support others there and many more
We are the family and the Steemt family must move forward
I want everyone to know friends and people suggesting them steemt
I want to be better than Facebook soon. :D

I think photo is better for the particular picture
Because photography comes in manner of professionality
That sometime not exist

Wow post thanks for a great idea.

detailed labels like self-photo, proof-photo amateur-photo can be opened. and can be flagged to those who use the tags irrelevantly to make it regular. @cryptoctopus

have a complete leader spirit bro👍

This is an important topic. @cryptoctopus
I appreciate you wanting to advance my steemt forward
For me the only income source is steemt due to unemployment in our country
I am referred to me by all the middle of the abode I want to know the whole world steemt
I have another goal when I collect over 100,000 steemt
I create and fund projects for the unemployed youth who can build their family
In addition, I set up an orphanage for me
And my greetings to you is a very big topic

You are right these tags are crowded of late.
I suggest we customize and add a tag related to life, because the life tag is so wide. I will come up with one. Another is to add some tags like blog.
For now that's about it, i welcome your reply.

It could be partly solved by bringing some real photographers together to create a curation account - just as the scientists did with @steemstem. let's say "purephotography" - just for example, I'm sure there are more creative people out there when it comes to finding names.^^

quality photographers could be encouraged right from their introduction post to use that tag for their work in addition to #photography . That would generate a tag with less bullshit/crossover photography, just as there is less BS in #steemstem as compared to #science.

People continuosly misusing the tag for their travel/life posts could be educated not to do so by friendly telling them --> reproving them --> downvoting them & reporting them to steemcleaners for tag abuse

I think, at first people must be self aware about what certain tag is about and if their category falls in the list or not. But there are many new comers (i am new too) who just want to post their stuff on different subjects and hope for some views or upvotes hopefully because they dont have proper knowledge how it works.
#Photography -meaning simple means to capture a photo. But it doesn't tell what quality, height,width,pixel the picture should be. I think the people who are already familiar with how the tags work and how its affects the content should interact with new ones and teach them the better way of doing it so they can produce quality works in the future. If i post something ther must be someone to notify that it doesnt fit the title or the subject so that i get aware and educate myself and others too.So people helping each others is a good option in my opinion.

How about attaching weights to the placement of tags? Like the first tag is the primary tag. From the second onwards, the tags keep getting less and less important. So whenever displaying the posts under specific tags, the algorithm along with other factors would consider the placement of that specific tag and rank the post accordingly.

I think good pictures should be well evaluated, we do not evaluate some good work so we should look at this.

Yeah in steemit tag has a very importance and its a usefull to find a topics what you want to read or what you want to know ..if any one want to post some article is it good or bad or qualiry or not quality content ..that is not a matter we alwas use tag which is related to the post ...so in my opinion tags are very helpfull and usefull to find a content what we want easily...so my advice what is dont waste the time of readers by putting false newses and non scence in the blog by taging the good topics this causes good content loose the value...so be uniqe and share good and usefull content by using tags....@cryptoctopus

Demotruk’s propsal is solid. The +1 option or setting up a sub sector for high quality photography would be great. Have a good weekend!

To My Dear @cryptoctopus:

Use AI.

Seriously though, what a great thought you have to improve the use of tags.

Photography is such a wide-ranging term. I might say it is too general to be of help as a tag, so it makes a good example of the problem.

And there are some good ideas put forth here already, and hopefully more good ideas to come.

I suggest you apply some semantic meaning to your tags. This approach might use a "Meta" level tag that is more broad (like "Art" or "News") and you might even describe these relationships using javascript dot notation as has been suggested.

My suggestion is to continue to allow users to create the tag relationships that make sense to them, just like they do now on Twitter, IG, Facebook etc.. but just to focus on dramatic improvement to the user experience.

Data already can be sliced and diced by processors in more ways than v1.0 humans can even understand that data.

Relationships can be explored in individualized ways, improving efficiency to find the info you seek. So the real improvement I am suggesting is in the User Experience. The form of the UI would naturally follow the function.

I have been reading comments and everyone is saying create a new tag

Funny enough if a new tag is been created it would also be crowded so I don't think creating a new tag is a good idea now.

Now what's trying to say now is that, we are know you are a very popular person on steemit so if you make anoucement on any tag it would surely get crowded just like your comment box (lols)

I think you should do random curation secretly just as @blocktrades was doing before the rented out his sp.. :-(

I think this is the best idea
@thejohalfiles also does this somehow

As much as I hate to say it, I am guilty of using the photography tag even though all my photos are simply done with a smartphone. Obviously I still think my pictures are nice and so do other users, but by no means would I consider them professional photography. I agree with you that the photography tag would be a lot nicer to browse through if it were more professional.

I guess it would be tough to constitute "professional" in there but I would assume as long as the person was using a DSLR or mirrorless style camera that it would be better. I see that the problem is actually enforcing this. Well here's what I think.

I know that the tag smartphonephotography is used by @photocontests pretty frequently, but like you said people are using multiple tags anyway so when they use "smartphonephotography" they also add "photography". The reason for also adding photography is because the much higher potential for viewers.

If we were able to push up the smartphonephotography tag to be one of the top tags on Steemit, which I feel like it should given the amount of smart phone shot that get posted here, then people would still feel very inclined to use it since it offers a higher viewership potential. At this point, however, people will most likely use both tags still.

Not sure if this is at all a thing on Steemit, but what if the "presence" that your post had with a tag depended on what order you put it in your post? Like the 4th/5th tag wouldn't show up as high on that tag even if voted a lot since the priority is given to the first and second tags?

Not sure if any of that made sense but just trying to help with ideas.

I saw a #food apparently unhealthy, never considered to be healthy by a science, to be tagged #health and #life too. I would flag it, but I am afraid I would get flagged back for something. Making flags anonymous would make me hesitate not to flag the post, I didn't like anyway. So encouraging community to be able to flag better and creating conditions for critical minds to do so with ease is step number one.

My second idea is to improve Stemmit in a way that not everybody has to be an author. I wrote about my problem with quality-lacking feed in these two posts:

If it makes money to you when you take a photo of your biceps, which is not superiour in any way, nor the background, there is something wrong. Especially if you can use completely unrelated tags for it. It is up to community to solve this though.

Sorry im guilty. Ive done it once but it was a great picture I took with my iPhone and I was real proud of this photo.😋

Great point and good initiative. Im new to steemit and am learning as I go but I will keep that in mind next time I want to post a photo.

I think it would be good to educate the new users on best ways to use tags correctly.

I think you are right.I think we should put a new label on the photo label as well as quality photos.Because professionalism is very different... @cryptoctopus

I think a good idea might be prioritizing tags depending on the order they are written. This way it will give more importance to the first ones. And we could have a guideline to have order.

Hey, nice write, it is interesting. I am following you, can you follow me @xtophercruzeu thanks

great idea thanks for sharing carry on

yeah u are ri8 but steemit isnt just about making money but we have to grow together, share our thoughts & ideas or in other words to know eachother like a real family

There is nothing wrong with tags as a concept, nothing needs to be changed with how you tag content. Steemit.com should kill off the tagging statistics and create a daily trending tag navigation along the left with weighting towards new and trending tags. This in combination of mass content or reputable users making new tags will stimulate a break down of the current flooding of the taxonomy. In addition a REAL search needs implemented not this google search garbage... I hope this is in the works anyways because google search appliance will be terminated by 2019. The only full tag navigation that should exist is as facets to search queries.

Thats my two cents, but what do I know. I only make enterprise websites for a living.

I am new here on Steemit and Your Article really helpful for me.I got many new things.

Thanks for your nice post it will helpful for me to get more success on Steemit.

I love this

Super Idee

Weieter so

I think this could be a classic implementation for machine learning. I would expect a very high resolution photograph with minimal text in a post found in the #Photography, no need to take my word for it, thousands of posts can be analysed and features extracted to identify properties of 'quality posts' in both tags then each new post is scored with the algorithm to determine the most appropriate tag. I just might be blabbing here, deployment might be tedious.

#photo for "amateur photography" made with cellphones and #photography for "real photography" by high quality cameras and good photographers was my first idea :) But I don't know if people would appreciate that idea as they are used to use the #photography.

And I have to admit that newbies (and I consider myself a newbie too) don't really know they offend good photographers in that way. But when I read your post I was : Damn, he is totally right!!! There is a HUGE difference between the pictures of a high quality photographer and a cellphone artist :D

Maybe a do's and don'ts guide for posting picures and photos on Steemit would be amazing so everyone knows how to act adequate and don't offend others. Because (at least in my case) offending is the last thing ever I want to do! :)

I really want to say thank you for a)the challenge/project and b)your feedback which really made me think about using tags on Steemit! Sometimes we need a little push and hint to get something right and see a situation clearly :)
Best wishes to you and your family :)

Rather than asking cellphone photographers to change their tag, it would be better to create a new tag for High Quality Photography. I suggest #HQphotography for those looking for the next level of perspective.

Great idea @macmaniac77!! It's true, "amateur photographers" who are used to use the #photography tag will be less likely to change their behaviour as they do it for such a long time, it just became normal to them. But high quality photographers will be happy about the new quality tag they can use to stand out the poor quality photos! :)
Thank you very much for your feedback!!

I think we need more than a new tag , we need more tags
We need to make small communities for each country or each culture
More catogories keeps things in place
People who don't want more categories want their posts to be seen my many people, which is not right , more people means more posts means your post is not even being noteced
And also it's easier to review the posts and reward the good ones

That's a great idea and solution..Keep up it..

What if we could add a slider for each tag? So we could say that my post does include photography, but it is not the main focus. Maybe a percentage slider would work?

So for example, if i am making a post about scientific content, and i have a strong focus on science, i could have the main tag be steemstem, which i would slide up to 60%.
But since it still relates to other subjects, i would allocate 10% to four other subjects (Blockchain, steemit, crypto and steem for example).

The percentage given to a tag would decide the "strength" of the post under the given tag. So a post with a 100% allocation to a given would have a higher priority than one with 30%.
The higher the percentage, the longer it would stay at the top of the page for example.
This could even allow for more than 5 tags. So you can choose to add 10 tags with 10% each, but this would be a poor idea, as they would quickly dissapear under each category.

I know that this won't solve the issue completely, but it might force people to better think about the tags they add to a post, and thus make the tags more relevant?
Does it make any sense?

At least that's just my two cents, it could be an interesting way of doing it i believe :)

Cheers man, have a great day!

Maybe create a new tag wich is called #professionalphotography for only pictures with real camera's?

Some people don't understand how to tag their work properly in the first place. I know I still make a mistake here and there with them, but it's a completely innocent mistake on my part. I'm still learning how to work this posting and promoting thing. I think I've finally gotten the hang of it though. I still have a lot to learn. I mostly post under life, blog, writing, and #steemusa, but sometimes I post under photography if I'm sharing more photos than writing.
Assisting people in learning how the system works should be everyone's priority for the next year, not flagging content because they misplaced their post. Education is paramount. If they've been on longer than a year, they should know better and they may deserve a three strike warning before flagging. Idk, I'm still too new to this to really give a decent response, but I hope some of what I've said helped.
Much love and light,

Your problem for the photography tag is the same problem that is present in many other tags and certainly all over the internet. The problem is that people have different perceptions of what's 'good'. To fix this issue I would suggest to upvote and comment on photography that you consider good, this should encourage those photographers to upload more content to steemit. If the 'bad' photography is really that bad it shouldn't get any likes or attention and those people will naturally give up or improve their skills until they actually take good photos. Hope this helps :P

a very interesting post. thanks for sharing

Maybe people who make high-quality photos can add 1 to the tag? Well, this is for example. But obviously you need a new tag for high-quality photos.

I think this paltform should show what each tag can be used for . I feel like it’s difficult to stop people from using a tag because as I know , new people or even people that have been on this paltform try to use tags that are popular so they can get awareness . I feel like the first tag should show the importance of the topic/picture .


hi guys all what you have said is good, and i also think that tags should be related to the content

@cryptoctopus, seems to me that one of the things Steemit could use is a group of "preset" tags, or a category tree. On most sites that allow tagging, the tag fields will start autofilling if you're using a "known" tag. Having that feature also serves the function of minimizing "typo orphans."

I read somewhere about Steemit instituting "Communties," and surely having some preset tags would also greatly help sort the content for such an initiative.

To solve your issue, though, would take a form of "intelligent" tagging. Part of the issue might be addressed in terms of how your display spools... maybe a toggle so that when you click on the "photography" tag, you have an option (or default?) to view only posts where photography is the primary tag. However, that is functionally problematic due to the many photography challenges and contests that require the contest tag to be the primary.

So this brings us back to intelligent or "forced" tagging/categorization, as in allowable tags exist within a tree structure "photography > travel > Greece" or "photography > nature > birds."

Alternately, we may even need a categorized tree structure that exists independently of tags... so if (for example) what you the viewer were wanting to look at photos from Greece, that's a possible function that works independently of actual tags. You still have the option to display content by either method, but the results would be different.

yes you are right i am using story tag but when i see story tag its show many different different post like photography and food i think steemit.com have to guide users to use tags according to their posts .

in my opinion this is the most normal solution is to limit the number of tags in posts. Also use another tag and motivate people to make really high-quality photos or posts, which they will mark with one of the necessary tags.

Great your publication, keep it up, brother. Greeting from venezuela

I’ve read through several comments and I personally feel like

  1. More tags creates more freedom to identify a post. Yes, these new tags will eventually become crowded as well, therefore

  2. Limitations on tags. For instance, when using the “photography” tag, it would make sense to analyze the photo to make sure it meets certain requirements. Beautiful images can be captured from phones these days, and can meet general requirements regarding image quality and size. In addition, creating “sub tags” so to speak would allow for those wanting to share photos that may not meet the “photography” criteria, but most certainly will meet the “snapshot” tag, which is more general and self defined as a quick shot of something, not necessarily a noteworthy image.

  3. We can utilize the Steemit community to generate useful tags. I am a new steemian so this is simply an idea that my fellow, more versed Steemians can develop.

  4. Is there a way to limit tag use for a period of time? Maybe an “allotment” of tags can be created somehow to keep crowding at bay. This allotment would regenerate on a consistent basis somehow, so that older posts are cataloged or archived somehow and marked as a non-active tag of some sort? Again, this idea is simply that, without any knowledge of knowing if it could truly exist.

This same problem continues to happen on Instagram (where I’ve shared primarily before discovering Steemit). What Instagrammers do is create “communities” around ever-evolving hashtags, meaning that tags are created, they get used and engaged with by individuals who desire to be part of that community, then if they get popular or saturated, we move on.

The names of these tags go far beyond #photography. They can become rather esoteric like “AwaketheLight”, a project started by one talented photographer that inspired more than 14,000 posts in 8 months, most of which were high quality and in-line with the original tag.

The flexibility of moving on is what keeps it interesting. Individuals like yourself that have major sway in this community can instigate tags that only your followers (and those who are determined to create exemplary content and get discovered) will engage with, keeping the feed high-quality until it’s time to move on.

Anyone else have experience with tag-based communities like this in the realm of photography? Or, anyone interested in cooperating on fun, interpretive photo projects and sharing?

I’m super new to Steemit and stoked to get a lay of the land and start sharing!

[email protected] im agree 100% with you...
Thanks for asking question ....

Steem on

That is awesome!!

Seems like the chatter with the coming of "communities" on Steemit that there needs to be bifurcations/breakdowns of the most popular tags first. I'm no photo nerd but subdivisions into categories or hubs of photography around different techniques, settings, equipment, etc.

@cryptoctopus, That's excellent idea for changing steemit procedure. I suggest you #shutterup for the name for photography.

Yeah it's the great problem from all over ...Should conscious about this section.....Crowd source is heavy....
Thanks a lot my friend to share your own opinion so much ...
Carry on your activity ...

Most of the tags are missed up and some don't even serve the stated purpose.

I suggest Steemit should have a link in the welcome page where tags are well explained.

Some posts on photography should be hidden automatically by Steemit if they have one photo...I assume photography tag should have photos and not just just one photo....!!

The Steemit search also does not work well!.

@cryptoctopus I think the tags should be formalized and by this I mean there must be a step taken to recognize some common tags because most of the time people make mistakes in spellings while tagging their posts. Remember Steemit has many people from different ethnicity. That is one thing I want to be worked upon come this year 2018. Hope @jerrybanfield @aggroed @surpassinggoogle @ned have seen my post here.

I do always approve that combination between travel, life and photography. it portrays the beauty of the place visited and directly refect the view of a particular area.
on my view, some appropriate ways should be done to solve this problem. For examples, users should start posting visible pictures and clearly treat their pictures or videos before posting.

We do also need some more tags that can be used to help steemians have a look on what has been posted before by other steemians.
more rewards should also be awarded for clear pictures as Dtube does for it users.
A software should also be designed to help steemians treat and clean their pictures before posting.

Furthermore, steemians should be able to invest or take time in finding a way of bringing out a picture with clear images, this involves purchasing equipments with high quality.

Finally, Dolphins and Whales should support posts with clear pictures. this will encourage people to bring out quality product and the need to perform better.

We could separate some really good photos from mediocre ones. One of the solutions could be next; steemit would have another special tag for really high quality photos. We could use some filter to separate spam photos in that tag. If we couldn't make any filter than steemit could have some bot made for this task. For making photos invisible - flaging low quality photos or innapropriate posts for this section.

#HQphotography not unlike the #HQG used by reddit (HighQualityGifs)

I personally think some people end up using some tag Just to fill up the 5 tag requirement(i did that). Reducing the number of tags might not be too great an idea.
But i think a reorientation won't be too bad an idea, you can create an article that would contain the neccessary requirement for a particular tag, what exactly a post Should contain to be eLigible for a particular tag.
And i think creating more tags too can be a great idea.

Im not sure if the site would do this, but maybe there could be a category section on posts where you could pick one category, removing those as tags. Maybe 10-15 general categories. The tags would be secondary. I hope that made sense. Category selections you'd tick just like the upvote box on a post. Or a drop-down menu. Of course, that'd need to be a site design update which a programmer would need to do. Another idea would be to have an option to select where you could see a thumbnail size preview of all the posts instead of such large previews. You could skim more posts faster so you could pick the posts you're more interested in and skip less interesting posts. Again that's a site design modification. Sorry if they don't address your question from a user perspective

I'm new so I'm still trying to understand what tags do. I see a lot of people using tags that aren't on the tag drop-down menu.

The 100% upvote reward will surely get peoples minds cooking. The tags were getring overcrowded with amateur phorohrayphy. Fake just.

Some of the cameras on the phones are very nice these days but it doesn't quite measure up to a professional camera.

I had noticed that the photography tags are diluted and can be difficult to find professional pictures instead of so many pictures coming from cellphones.

I thought maybe a tag that professional (or aspiring) photographers want to use like #photographerseye but that kind of defeats the purpose of the photography tag as well because I originally checked it out to check out professional photos. Of course, there are still 4 other tags to use as well and could be a solution. I've always taken interest professional photography but I've never had a camera or device to take truly professional photos, so I have enjoyed being able to share what I have with the community.

Just like it's not exactly a solution to say find a new tag it wouldn't be a solution to push out certain qualities of devices so I am interested to see where this goes.


Truth be told - I don't think anything can be done. Especially because those tags are always at the top trending.

Currently - the only way would be for people to use their up-votes and down-votes to vote with their virtual wallets.

I feel your pain as it's very frustrating, mentally anguishing and hard to curate in the photography - new, category; as one has to sift through a lot of crud (to put it nice) to find gold.

It's much like browsing through the user sub in Imgur.com trying to find something halfway decent.

The only 2 options would be to somehow create a system of censorship (which goes against the spirit of Steemit) or (the best solution) have moderators like in Reddit.

If I can think of any better solutions - I'll be sure to reply to this post!

I had my thoughts about this a while ago.

The best I came up with was having subtags to a certain tag.
And more thing I'd like to have would be when you are writing a tag to your post, there comes up a selection box, for example, writing-(poetry, story, blog or others + add new option) In each of them you'd see how many posts are there with a tag like this.

It's easy to get lost in those tags.

great post.A good idea from your side.Keep working on it.hope for the best.

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