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Following a month after the initial crowdsale announcement, we have received a lot of feedback and questions from our potential investors wanting to dig deeper into the business model behind the EXO. With all the conversations in mind, we compiled a new list of questions and answers to help you better understand all the underlying facts about the EXMO Coin crowdsale.

QUESTION: How can I purchase EXMO Coin tokens?

ANSWER: You can purchase EXMO Coin tokens on crowdsale.exmo.com during the crowdsale.

QUESTION: Do I need to register anew if I already have a profile on the EXMO exchange?ANSWER: You may use your EXMO account to log into your personal investor’s account. Your username and the password will be identical, but you will need to re-enter them for security reasons.Similarly, if you registered your investor’s account first, you may log on the EXMO exchange using the same credentials.

QUESTION: What types of wallet can I transfer EXMO COIN tokens to?

ANSWER: You can store EXMO COIN tokens on any ERC20 compatible wallet.

QUESTION: What currencies will EXMO Coin be traded with?

ANSWER: The first currency pairs with EXMO Coin will be EXO/BTC and EXO/ETH.

QUESTION: Is it possible to participate in the crowdsale from the EXMO exchange?

ANSWER: Yes. The detailed guidance on how to do this will appear in your personal investor’s account just before the start of the crowdsale.

QUESTION: Can I trade my tokens on the exchange?

ANSWER: After the end of the crowdsale you would be able to put your tokens on the exchange. The guidance on how to do this will be available in your personal investor’s account.

QUESTION: Would I be able to sell or buy EXMO Coin tokens at any time after the end of crowdsale?


QUESTION: When will be margin lending launched on the EXMO platform

?ANSWER: In 2018.

QUESTION: Will EXMO customers be able to independently provide crypto or fiat currencies for margin lending?


QUESTION: Will you hold a bounty campaign?

ANSWER: No, because the number of EXMO tokens is finite. A subscription campaign is planned during the crowdsale on the Bitcointalk forum. More information will be published later on the forum.

QUESTION: What is the interest on margin lending on your platform?

ANSWER: The margin loan interest will be 0.07% per day (25.55 per annum) for crypto-currencies, and 0.08% per day (29.2 per annum) for fiat currencies. The interest is not fixed: depending on the demand for loans, it might increase up to 0.2% per day (73% per annum) for fiat currencies and up to 0.22% per day (80.3% per annum) for crypto.

QUESTION: Could EXMO Coin tokens be bought for cryptocurrency only?

ANSWER: EXO can be purchased with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum at the time of transaction confirmation. The speed of the transaction may vary depending on the commission chosen.We are currently putting together all the required paperwork so that our customers can invest their funds through a Swedish trust through which we will be able to accept the fiat currencies.

QUESTION: What will happen if there will be more token holders than the customers who trade with a leverage?

ANSWER: The number of traders does not matter, what is important is the amount of borrowed funds.

QUESTION: Will it be possible to mine EXMO Coin?

ANSWER: No, because during the crowdsale we would immediately release a limited number of tokens.

QUESTION: Do I need to withdraw cryptocurrency from EXMO platform to invest in the EXMO Coin? Will it be possible to use the same account for the exchange, as well as the crowdsale?

ANSWER: The crowdsale investor account on the crowdsale website is different from an EXMO user’s account.The funds should be transferred from a personal wallet, not an exchange wallet. To make a payment, one will have to send the required amount of funds to a unique investor’s wallet. This is automatically generated during the registration of an investor’s account.In this way we know for sure who we receive the payments from. It does not matter which wallet the funds initially come from.

QUESTION: When will I be able to access my private investor’s account?

ANSWER: You would be able to set up your personal investor’s account just as the crowdsale begins. We suggest subscribing to our news on crowdsale.exmo.com in order for you to be updated on the possibility to register your account.

QUESTION: What will happen to the remaining tokens if you do not manage to sell all 300 million?

ANSWER: The number of issued tokens will correspond to the amount of attracted investment, but will not exceed 300,250,000.

QUESTION: Would I also receive monthly dividends if I bought tokens on the EXMO exchange after the crowdsale is over?

ANSWER: All the token holders will receive monthly dividends.

QUESTION: Will the new tokens be released later on?

ANSWER: No, EXMO does not consider the possibility of releasing any tokens following the crowdsale. 

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