DeOS from Razormind. Trade an ICO token before anyone else...Best Buy - only next 48 hours

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Dear Steemers,

OpenLedger, CCEDK, ICOO and the rest of the decentralized conglomerate are pleased to offer the DeOS as open asset OPEN.DEOS from Razormind available for pre-launch trading on OpenLedger.

What is DeOS

After just one week, Razormind's crowdsale for its blockchain powered DeOS (Decentralised Operating System) raised 2,947 BTC ($1,936,031) in exchange for DEOS tokens, the platform's provisioning currency.
DeOS is a global public blockchain as a service, which will allow users to securely register their assets, identities, auditable records, data, and run smart contracts without the pay-as-you-go "gas" model as with Ethereum, said a statement.

OpenLedger has access to a limited amount of DeOS coins, and will therefore be making OpenLedger IOU asset OPEN.DEOS available for trading in selected markets.

A limited amount of 50 000 OPEN.DEOS (at launch time possible to be withdrawn direclty to your DeOS wallet) made available next 48 hours at initial rate 1000 DeOS at 1 BTC, although Razormind site have change to next level 500 DeOS at 1 BTC.
It means with the subscription fee of 4% deducted an amount of 960 OPEN.DEOS will be sent for every 1 BTC ordered.

First come - First served offer!

You are always welcome to ask how much is left at e-mail:ronny@ccedk.comOnce DeOS coins are released at estimated launch time the same IOU asset (OPEN.DEOS) currently trading during pre-launch will become freely transferrable and withdrawable. You will also be able to make DeOS deposits to OpenLedger at that time.

Please remember - DEOS is not meant as an investment vehicle or any form of security.

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