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RE: Crowdmind Interview: Spunkee Monkee - When the great idea meets great community

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This is, without question, the best initiative ever created within the STEEM community. What a great way to use the blockchain in such a wholesome and nurturing way.

The children are our future and that is just not the lines of a popular song, but a fact. G-D bless you @dreemsteem and everyone involved in this oustanding project!




Thank you @sgt-dan!!!!
And thank you so much for your generosity with the Monkees yesterday!!! They will be so excited to get their Steem monsters cards hehe

I can't wait for @paulag's daughter to see the cards that are in her collection now :)

I so appreciate your encouragement! I really hope this project takes off and blesses LOTS of families!!!!

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I am sure it will!

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