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RE: Crowdmind Interview: Spunkee Monkee - When the great idea meets great community

in #crowdmind6 years ago

great interview!! this is going to be so much fun and kids need this kind of thing. I know that if @dreemsteem is behind the project, it will be fun, educational and positive.
It breaks my heart to see 6-year-olds play Warcraft and such.....


I cannot wait to see you and hopefully have LOTS of things to share with you!!! We can sit and giggle about how we sat in the same chairs, dreeeeeeeming about the future, and hopefully be marveling at how it unfolded for us! Hehehheeh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I will be trying my best to bring this to fruition!! So thankful for all the many hands and hearts around me to cheer me on and help me build!

Can't wait to see you too!!!

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