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RE: Crowdmind Interview: Spunkee Monkee - When the great idea meets great community

in #crowdmind6 years ago

Thank you SO much for this awesome opportunity! I have great vision for how we will work together to bring the crowd to see what Spunkee Monkee is all about!

I can't wait to put this project on @fundition and kickstarter! But.... I know that with the crowdsourcing aspect.... you will help bring EVEN MORE attention to the project than I can do myself! :)

I'm really excited about that aspect of what you bring to the blockchain! And as Spunkee Monkee grows, we will be sure to keep telling everyone about the awesome success that we had with Crowdmind spreading the word!

Everyone needs help when it comes to word-of-mouth!

The more mouths - the more the word spreads!

Thank you for letting Spunkee Monkee be the very first interview with you!!!! It's a great honor!

-@dreemsteem, founder of @spunkeemonkee :)


You did the great honor to us! We will be there of course - keep us updated about every single detail :-)

"woo hoooooo" is right!!! :)

I will be happy to keep you updated! :)

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