The @crowdfundedwhale Project is Now 200 Days Old

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A small anniversary of some kind about the @crowdfundedwhale now getting already 200 days old, things are progressing slow, but steady and the voting power of the bot is growing. At the moment it is getting close to 9000 SP, so there is a long way to go before turning into an actual whale. So time for thanks to everyone participating in the project and also everyone not in the list of people the vote supports, but also supporting the project with votes.

The @crowdfundedwhale project is a long term one, so it will continue to operate an hopefully grow as well. Don't forget that the voting power that the bot accumulates is returned back to users in the form of votes. Next milestone... probably when it hits 10K SP :)

Lately I do not have that much time to post on Steem, too much other things to do, so as a result my post have been pretty scarce in the last couple of months, but that does not affect ongoing projects like @crowdfundedwhale which is continuing to operate.

Some @crowdfundedwhale stats: 177 users in the bot's voting list at the moment, 8712 SP at the moment, 276 followers, a reputation level of 65.

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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Wow, has it already been 200 days? I remember when this project first started and I contributed to become one of the early additions to its list. Glad to see the project is continuing, and with the Steem price above a buck @crowdfundedwhale's vote adds enough to be noticed.

What I wonder is how HF 19 will affect the votes. Do you plan to reduce the bot's voting power to compensate for the fact that a vote at 100% will be 4 times as powerful, but drain your voting power 4 times faster?


Voting power is being adjusted respectively depending on various factors even now, so further adjustment will not be a problem...


Gotcha, good to know

This is awesome! I hope that everyone will keep funding this great whale. Thanks for sharing, @cryptos. Upvoted & Followed!

Good news, lets go for another 200 days.

Hey @cryptos,
Nice project you have there! I would love to talk with you about it, what is the best way to contact you?