Another Small Milestone for the @crowdfundedwhale 10K+ SP

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The @crowdfundedwhale project has reached another small milestone on the road to becoming a Crowdfunded Whale indeed, the total Steam Power available at the moment is now over 10000. With the current price of STEEM this results in an Estimated Account Value of a little over $21 thousand USD.

The @crowdfundedwhale project is a long term project, so it will continue to operate and hopefully continue to grow over time. Don't forget that the voting power that the bot accumulates is returned back to users in the form of votes, so feel free to support the project if you like it. Let us get ready for the next milestone...

I may not be as active in writing under my account lately as I used to be a couple of months ago, but I'm trying to at least keep the bot in shape even when I don't have much time to spare on anything Steem related. On a side note, even without much activity writing it sems that recently I have passed the 1000 followers mark, so one milestone for me as well :D

If you have a question or want to add something, then please leave a comment below.

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I'm curious about joining, how is the confirmation done to be added to the list, is it automagical?

I support you .
Thankyou for spreading awareness

A Future Force for Good, up to us to give it a SOUL

Awesome 👏

Yay! I am the latest member. Sent 100 SD just before the price soared. lol Cannot wait to be hooked up to the machines. . :D

EDIT.. Aaah looks like I am already! Thanks, @crypto. Good luck with the project further!

Love this project! Thanks for all you do, @cryptos

That's awesome man. I remember when you first started this project. Great job!

@cryptis wow amazing, congrat

This is exciting!

Thank you sound. I have replied

great project...amazing

Thank you for sharing, mass

What kind of support did you mean?

That is awesome!!!