STEEMIT CROSSWORD 2: The Winner Earns 50% of the Steem Dollars!

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Welcome to the new improved Steemit Crossword which now includes even more questions about Steemit/Steem. I hope you enjoy it.

The first correct response below will win half of the steem dollars (SD author reward) available on this post. No peeping at other people's answers!

steemit crossword 2


4.Steemit 101 - Chapter 15: A Supportive ---------
8.Official Announcement: ---------- has added Steem to the Exchange
10.On Peerplays you can organize your own -----------
11.Daniel Larimer ( @dantheman ) - Co-Founder of --------- & Steemit
12.Who released their pre-ICO today?
13.A top 19 steem witness.

1.What jumped out of the toilet when @heiditravels was Lost in the Amazon?
2.What did @grinderman make on the beach to promote steemit?
3.What is the name of the steem tool with an aquatic theme by @mynameisbrian?
5.What website published an article about steemit (on 18 August 2016) according to @corintxt?
6.-------- is now live! Start accepting STEEM anywhere you want!
7.On my post last Friday, what word makes the duck dance and quack?
9.Steemit is built on which technology?


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Hey! Nice idea!
I want to print it, and to solve it sitting in a chair with a Smoking pipe


Sounds like a good plan. I look forward to your answers.


@summonerrk i hope you will do it if you start it with smoking pipe...

very creative :-)


Today is my night duty as i am shift operator so if i get some time i will try my best to solve this crossword2 .Nice task specially for smokers.


Cool. Don't work too hard.


yes off course but i will enjoy it .