Blurt RFC 003: Clearing out the Stinc

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Cleansing the Stinc

Hey guys, today I am going to do something I feel a bit ambivalent about:

I'm purging Steemit, Inc accounts from Blurt. @thecryptodrive went out and he got a list... a blacklist I guess.

Here it is, in all of its ingloriousness:

Main Steemit Accounts

Steemit, Inc has not been a good steward, and neither has the Tron Foundation since it purchased the stake held by these accounts.

"misterdelegation" (19.488 MIL SP)
"steem" (11.739 MIL SP)
"steemit" (29.395 MIL SP)
"steemitblog" (main Steemit communications account)
"steemit2" (10K SP)
"steemit3" 3.8K SP
"steemit4" through to "steemit79" (These have max 1.5K SP each and early POW and WITNESS reward history, make sure owner key matches STM65wH1LZ7BfSHcK69SShnqCAH5xdoSZpGkUjmzHJ5GCuxEK9V5G before deprecating, a few accounts like steemit9 might be civilian user accounts with different owner keys.)

Steemit Mining Accounts:

The "ninja mine" provided the funding that made Steemit possible. It also created a legacy of non-transparent activity on the steem blockchain. Remember gpuminer? I do.

Ps: @gpuminer stays. I am going to go and assume that @gpuminer was a person.

"sminer1" through to "sminer90"
(Deprecate only those where owner key matches STM6tC4qRjUPKmkqkug5DvSgkeND5DHhnfr3XTgpp4b4nejMEwn9k as some miners may have been civilian user accounts with different owner keys)
Other Malicious Accounts
"dev365" (The account that proxy votes with Steemit's entire voting stake)
"community321" (is the account that received the funds which were taken from stakeholders in HF23)

Steemit inc's Sockpuppet Witness Accounts

Why these should go: These should go becasue they participated in the world's first mass-scale on-chain software-mediated theft.

If you operate one of these accounts, and you think you didn't do that, please contact me on twitter at the handle @gadikian. DMs are open.



We are killing SBD because it was never necessary. Your SBD balances are automatically converted to BLURT at the Steem price from block 43,526,969.


No individuals are being excluded from blurt. I've tagged all of the "sockpuppet witnesses" so that if they're individuals, they can reach out to me. I generally believe the story that they aren't.


If you'd rather have a Stinc-y chain with balances from block 43,526,969, then Zapata is the place for you. It features a completely unmodified balances.

My Personal Feelings

Total ambivalence. Disappointment. Uncertainty.

I simply want better decentralized social media communities online, and all this seemed like a way of getting there. Because I did not steem for about two years, I really do not have a horse in the Hive vs Steem race, although it's quite fair to say that I support the goals of hive and align with their vision much more closely than I align with the current lack of vision and morality that's being expressed at Steem these days.

I always knew and still know that pruning in this manner could be the wrong choice, which is why I was happy to work with @birdinc on Zapata.

I also know that this seemed like the closest-to-right choice in a very ambiguous situation, and that sometimes in life we can't do much better than "approximately correct." Both Blurt and Zapata's approaches seemed "approximately correct" to me, which is why there are two approaches to genesis and two upcoming chains.


dear @jacobgadikian

it's quite fair to say that I support the goals of hive and align with their vision much more closely than I align with the current lack of vision and morality that's being expressed at Steem these days.

I'm active on both chains. Very active. And my impression is that there is absolutely no vision behind HIVE. There is surely many influencial users, with their own goals and agendas. Trying to push this blockchain towards their own direction. But that's not what I call vision.

Steemit on the other hand seem to have quite clear vision right now. This vision include centralization of power and control over inflation (Rewards distribution). Most people do not like it. Neither we do like censorship, which is quite present now.

However it's hard not to see, that Steemit does currently follow some vision and moving in one particular direction.

Solid read, upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

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