Two Fab Crop Circles From The 2018 Season

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OK so now onto my post 😀 about crop circles...

Crop circles have been appearing in England since the 15th Century, our useless mainstream media used to occasionally report them or rather take the piss out of them as being hoaxes created by cider induced southerners. 

Nowadays like a lot of actual real news (hello YEMEN war anyone?), the MSM & Internet censors it, in the best Orwellian way possible, by simply ignoring it & not reporting anything. Nada, Nothing.

OK so that's enough of the MSM / Google hating rant, they are shit and we know it... now onto my report..


I find crop circles fascinating, years ago i remember reading some random online forum about crop circle hunters, basically people chasing rumours and then camping near possible sites with video recording equipment. Invariably equipment malfunctions and random happenings occurred (ufo's), then magical 500 foot formations appeared as if by magic in the morning.

I particularly like the crop circles that contain multiple circles that are not connected to farmers tracks, this means that if they are actual hoaxes, the hoaxers would need to bring scaffolding with them to rise above the tall crops without leaving a trace.

As you can imagine if you have multiple circles outside of tracks, it makes it a bit tricky to lay a 500 ft pattern overnight, (most circles are reported to have occurred overnight & appear the next day)

In England around the summer solstice, you only get about 4-5 hours of night time.

I also find the crop lay to be very interesting, some patterns seem to be layered in an artistic fashion, which creates depth when viewed from above.

Two Fab Crop Circles From The 2018 Season

Crop Circle 1 - Crop Circle Chesterton Windmill 26th July 2018


  • Size detail (huge), cars going down the road @ 28 seconds
  • Detail of the fascinating crop lay @ 1.18 seconds, the crop seems to have been patterned, shaped & styled, rather than trodden on.
  • Lots of individual bits outside of farmer tracks

Crop Circle 2 - Crop Circle - Mixon, Nr Etchilhampton 10th August 2018


  • Detail of the lovely crop lay @ 3.30 seconds
  • Size detail (huge), cars going down the road at 5.09 seconds
  • Lots of individual circles outside of farmer tracks

This all begs the question... "How do you create a complicated 500 foot crop circle, without leaving a trace, in a few night time hours, without the farmer noticing?"

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Original image copyright:

Vick Bull from here...

History of crop circles here...

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