My LCHF or KETO experience

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Hello my little cloud foodies :)

Today I'll write about my LCHF / KETO experience and a bread substitute since that grocery is one of the most common groceries in every home. I was struggling so much when I first went on an LCHF or KETO diet because I didn't know how to make bread without wheat flour and wheat flour bread was in my diet 3 or 4 times a day before my decision.

For now, I've tried seeds flour bread and Oopsie or cloud bread. Each was tasty to me and enough bready to make a good bread substitute for me. I will mention both in this post but I will not write a recipe for each. I will live that for some other post.

I just want to talk about wheat flour and it impacts on me because I've noticed that it has more and more become an everyday topic.

First I want to share with you my LCHF experience. First time I went on that kind of diet was one and a half year ago and I went nuts. I tried and tried many times before with several diets but nothing worked. I don't know if it was the period of my life that made me persistent or it was LCHF the magnificent diet.

Maybe it was both but man... I feel good now. Before I was always tired and in serious lack of energy. 2 weeks after being on LCHF my energy level went up in the sky. I was sleeping better, waking up easier, didn't wake up during the night, etc.

But that wasn't the only thing that went better although that was a big thing for me. Well, I started to eat and taste the food that I was cooking. Not the spices, not the extracts or additives but the actual taste of food that I'm eating.

I don't know how was it for you who tried it but I want to start living it. Sometimes I get like a period of 2 days in which I overeat and with lousy food and then I go back on my diet for 2 months because I realize what I am on it and without it.

I started to make plenty of salads and vegetable dishes. I learned how to make an awesome bread substitute.

First LCHF bread that I've maid was a seed flour bread. I've blended some seeds to make a flour of it then I took an egg and cheese, combined it an baked it. I was so happy I have bread because, as I've already said but must repeat, my diet was 60% made of bread or anything that has wheat flour.

Here are some pics of my lovely bread which was eggy in the beginning but later I've mastered the recipe and It is bready now :)))

Second bread I've made was an Oopsie bread or a cloud bread. First I've thought it is never gonna look or taste like bread- And I had that eggy problem again. But I've maid it 2 or 3 times and it becomes better and better, more bready.

This bread was like the last type of non-wheat flour bread I would ever do because the recipe sounded so Impossible to be god and so I decided to do it. And it paid out. It was really really easy to do and it was a good bread substitute for me. Again, you mix the egg with some cheese and you can even make cinnamon rolls with it and no one will never know there is cheese in those rolls.

Here are some pictures of several of my Oopsie or cloud bread.

Well, ain't this a wonderful lunch my friend Maja and I made in at my place. I was so full without even touching the salami and paprika sauce... Delicious I tell you :)

Thank you for your time and I hope you've liked this post and found it interesting for you. As always, here is a question for you.

-Which type of diet is the healthiest for you and for how long are you living with it?

Steem us to the moon! Cheers :)

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I like fruit dessert dishes, I don't have diet system I eat whatever I want plus I am not a fat person or need diet my body is good

Hello @cityofstars and thank you for your comment!

You are the lucky one and I am happy for you if you are satisfied with your body and your health. Keep on with the good physical condition and take care of yourself. Even if you are healthy and good looking don't eat shitty food because your body remembers, you cells keep the toxins for years.

Also, sry for not responding for this long, I had a very rough week.
Have a nice day! Cheers :)

welcome back to steem then lol

thanks :) :)

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Yaay :D :)

Hah looks like your Oopie bread still came out great! Cooking with arrowroot, almond and coconut flour ive had to adjust all my ratios as they are so different from normal gluten based flour.

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Oopsie came out better than expected :))) I am so glad about it but I need some more practice.

Yeah, sometimes I combine those flours so I have more taste in bread but I have to adjust my ratios also. I am pleased with my breads now but I know they can be better.

Also, sry for not responding for this long, I had a very rough week.
Have a nice day! Cheers :)

Also, I've never cooked with arrowroot but man, I should try it. It sounds interesting.


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Thank you so much @solominer , @helpie , and @helpiecake!

This cake looks awesome!! And the ice cream... Oh my, I can't wait to make some for myself.


Also, sry for not responding for this long, I had a very rough week.
Have a nice day! Cheers :)

@ylania no worries, I get behind on my comments too. Hope things are better for you now.

thank you :) it is better now because I quit one of my 3 jobs. I have 4 last and the hardest exams in my life so I need to focus on that.

But now I'll have more time to surf through the Steemit.

@ylania best of luck on your exams.

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@ylania it is some delicious cake.

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What a great idea. Awesome that you've been abe to find alternatives to wheat, and that bread looks incredibly tasty! I personally aim for whole wheat over white wheat, and even then try to cut it out when possible. I think I want to try a seed bread now!

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Hello and thank you very much @wwwiebe !

I wish I can send you a piece of it but you know... internet... hahha :D And I must admit that the whole wheat bread is better than white wheat but seed bread, it is tastier and more healthy so I really want you to try it.

Also, sry for not responding for this long, I had a very rough week.
Have a nice day! Cheers :)