in croatia •  2 years ago

Simple title, for not so simple topic, because in my opinion sunsets are one of the greatest gfts of nature. I always wondered why does a mix of few colors on the sky makes such an impact on me. I don't know the answer, but I know it does and it always did. Whenever I have the time I rush to some viewpoint to catch the sunset. You can often see me on the balcony or somewhere on the beach with my camera, ready to capture that stunning view. What shocks me the most is that none of the sunsets is the same. Different colors, combinations, clouds, tone... And because of all that you can feel different emotions, feelings, moods. Sunsets can make you feel excited and at the same time calmed and relaxed. Whatever you need you'll get - answers, moments to remember or simply mindfulness and stillness. Although I photograph a lot of them, I always take some time for me in between the photos.

Below is part of my collection I captured so far (I can name it „Top 20“). Enjoy!

Last one is my favorite. How about yours?

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These are beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing!

My favorite is the 7th one down from the top, looking out over the water with the boat floating in it. Such a great shot!

You have some classic shots in there, thanks a bunch for sharing. Quite a few of them remind me of some of my photography as well and I really appreciate the results of your art.

The first, fourth, eleventh and twelfth are my favourite. I definitely enjoy the last one too. Namaste :)

Very nice series! Do you mind sharing the places where these have been taken?


Thank you. They are all taken in the same place, a town called Novi Vinodolski on the Adriatic Sea coast in Croatia.


That's definitely a great place! :)