7 ways customer relationship management is changing digital marketing

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 A CRM application is a valuable tool for small businesses. By simplifying management and implementing the right CRM can increase sales efficiency,  you can close more deals, improve forecast accuracy and increase sales.  We are not just talking about a couple of percentage points here and  there; CRM can improve productivity by 30% if used correctly. No CRM tool has a secret formula hidden. It is merely responsible for  managing your important customer information so that you can look at it  all in one place. Without exiting the programme, you can view the  contact information, manage tasks, and track your performance amongst  other benefits. To maximize your CRM, pair it with your accounting software.  Additionally, to all the customer information easily available through  CRM, you can now gain insight into previous trends, track expenses,  route purchase orders, and automatically pay bills using an  accounting-CRM relationship. That way you can get a clear picture of  your business and forecast accurately.   


Customer experience is a top priority  

In a Customer Management IQ survey,  almost 76 percent of customer management executives and leaders thought  of customer experience to be highly prioritized in their business  sphere.    


According to the contemporary marketing idea, Gartner  claims these numbers to have grown, and it is already 89 percent of the  companies that are determined to compete mostly with customer  experience. PwC’s Digital IQ survey says that almost 25% of businesses expect their digital investments to result in creating a satisfying customer experience. The study by Walker  states that by 2020, customer experience will be leading ‘brand  differentiator’ for all buying decisions, leaving behind the criteria of  price and product.  

CRM revolutionizing digital marketing 

CRM platforms such as WordPress CRM plugins  enable businesses to manage their customer databases, giving teams an  accurate forecast or their marketing and sales efforts. Here is a list  of seven ways how CRM is revolutionizing digital marketing and  sustaining business growth.  

  1. Follow up on leads

It makes no sense using expensive customer acquisition tactics to get  visitors to your website, waiting for them to make a purchase and  become loyal customers. You need to keep tabs on every consumer that  comes to your site, ensuring you follow up and find out why or why they  did not complete their journey. An efficient CRM platform enables you to track and follow up on each  customer that comes into contact with you via both online and offline  mediums. Following up with each lead on a pipeline CRM  gives your sales a chance to nurture relationships and eventually turn  leads into loyal customers. Small and big businesses are more likely to  withstand the test of time by building strong relationships with the  sales department.  

  1. Better customer support 

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of creating profitable  and sustainable businesses. Customer centricity is an essential business  strategy that integrates all elements of customer experience to drive  sustainable business growth. CRM systems are amongst the most effective  platforms for managing leads, making them a useful addition to a  customer-centric organization. CRM programmes usually enable marketing teams to learn about  different aspects of their customer’s requirements and pain-points,  ensuring customer loyalty and a significant increase in sales.  

  1. Customer tracking

A CRM tool can help businesspersons better track their customers,  understand their behavior and build long-lasting, quality relationships.  CRM software allows you to automatically track your relationship with  each consumer connected to your business and help you understand where  they stand in the buying process. The CRM software exists to integrate with your POS, allowing you to  track the interactions that occur and instantly log them and have plenty  of data for each customer. Moreover, a CRM can help users monitor their  correspondence with customers such as newsletters, phone calls, email  marketing, or other engagements you have had with them. An enhanced customer tracking system can help you understand fully  where a customer stands and help you build strong consumer  relationships. By having a stronger knowledge of who they are, you can  engage with your customers more effectively and know where they stand in  the buyer’s journey.  

  1. Social media integrations 

Many CRM software options can easily merge into social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Social CRM is  important for building businesses that truly interact with customers  and help you understand even more about your consumer market. With a few  CRM tools, you can consolidate and manage your social media accounts  all in one place. You can also track your followers and fans while  monitoring the information you have about them interacting with you on  social media. CRM software allows let you integrate social media pages with loyalty  programmes and email lists, keeping all of your customer relationships  to be in one centralized location.  

  1. Emergence of beacons

While the scope of marketers to achieve targets has increased, the  challenge to provide customers with a valuable shopping experience has  also experienced a boost. Consumers are now moving from retail outlets  to digital shopping quite frequently. In this situation, beacons are the ones accumulating data and sending  push notifications to them. The CRM feature of beacons prove valuable  for marketers, capable of measuring both in-store and online customer  engagements. According to the Proxbook 2016 report,  the ‘Beacon Marketplace’ for retail is worth $40 billion.  Consequentially, CRM techniques involve integrating beacons together to  improve the marketing efforts of a business.  

  1. Positive impact on SEO

It makes sense for digital marketing companies to go for the most  value-added applications driving their promotional efforts. Ask any  chief marketing officer and they will point to SEO as one of their  primary goals. After all, the fact still stands ground that being simply  in a desirable position in the search engine results sphere is something significant. According to Jason Hartman of the Hartman Foundation, “Any  upcoming entrepreneur needs to recognize the value of big data. At  first, it is messy and complicated. However, once new brands embrace  data, they have unlocked their potential. This is so exciting for us!”  

  1. Quick responses to requests

When any customer has a question, he or she wants an immediate  response. In this fast world, there is no time for delay. With the  apparent impatience, you would think that companies would be quick to  respond to customer requests. The Suppeoffice survey, found the aspect to be quite the contrary. For instance, experts found that 63% of surveyed companies did not  respond to customer support email at all. Moreover, the average response  time was more than 12 hours. By using the CRM software, you can easily speed up your  responses to customer questions by using ready-made email templates.  With customizes, pre-made templates, you can answer the FAQs on time by  selecting the template from a knowledge base.    All in all The CRM programme can help your business team manage and monitor all  aspects of your work; strengthening customer relationships by knowing  more about them and interacting with them effectively. CRM software can change your company for the better, helping you and your employees to make better use of your time.   


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