Keep Your Eyes On Your Goals

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Review your goals and prayer points regularly without anxiety. But most importantly, review the Reasons why you want to accomplish these goals. It's the reasons that will make the 4e9b3d376db51bf04eb5d8dbb4f6e111--stay-focused-prize.jpg
imagesourcedifference. By talking about your goals ,you make them more real. Forgive yourself and move! The past is gone. Today and this new quarter is all you have. Don't squander time and energy thinking about what you should have done or would have done,what you did or might have done. The point of power is in the present.
Resist regret over past mistakes.
What men call the caterpillar cocoon is what the master calls butterfly! Always see where you are going and talk about it. Psalms 37:37 says "mark the blameless man and behold the upright for there is happy end for the man of peace" That is why no matter what is happening now,you can daily declare that It is well with me Woman-Looking-into-the-Distance.png
Because your end is peace; you will end well. Anything you can do to elevate your emotional connection with your dreams will help you stay on track. To have succeeded is to have finished ones business on Earth like the male spider who is killed by the female the moment he has succeeded in his courtship.
Hold on and Hold out ,this world will hear of your God and your super story. Shout "I'm his Evidence" Hallelujah

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