Cyclone, Violence Threats Loom Over Rohingya Kids in Myanmar, Bangladesh... ... ...

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Let us all protest against Myanmar for doing such a terrible thing. Myanmar's governance should be punished. They scandal the human race.....


The UNICEF has wanted imperative efforts to assist quite 720,000 Rohingya youngsters United Nations agency ar vulnerable either by the approaching cyclone season in Asian nation or by current violence and denial of their basic rights in Union of Burma.

The UNICEF nowadays known as on the Union of Burma government to finish the violence, and to deal with what it terms a crisis of human rights in Rakhine State, concerning restrictions on Rohingya people's freedom of movement, very restricted access to health care, education and livelihoods, and ensuant dependence on humanitarian support.

In a report marking six months since the beginning of the most recent exodus of Rohingya refugees into southern Asian nation, UNICEF says that floods caused by the forthcoming cyclone season ar probably to engulf the delicate and unhygienic camps wherever the foremost of the refugees reside, raising the chance of waterborne illness outbreaks and forcing clinics, learning centres and alternative facilities for kids to shut.


According to the report, associate calculable 185,000 Rohingya youngsters stay in Myanmar's Rakhine State, frightened of the violence and horror that drove numerous of their relatives and neighbours to escape.

In Asian nation, there ar calculable to be around 534,000 Rohingya exile youngsters from last year's and former influxes.
"Some 720,000 Rohingya youngsters ar primarily at bay - either hemmed in by violence and compelled displacement within Union of Burma or stranded in overcrowded camps in Asian nation as a result of they can not come home," aforementioned Manuel Fontaine, UNICEF Director of Emergency Programmes.

"This could be a crisis while not a fast fix that might take years to resolve unless there's a cooperative effort to deal with its root causes."

photo:- courtesy of Reuters..


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