The benefits of cryptocurrencies in a society.

Hello, I will write a short text for my laziness about the benefits of cryptocurrencies in a society, let's start.

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Positive aspects

1-. Non-physical property is well known that people prefer not to carry a lot of money for their own safety, cryptocurrencies provide an option in which you only need a phone or a key ring to control your money.

2-. the rapidity of facilitating a payment just by scanning a qr the interaction between the seller and the buyer is limited to seconds to have to look for your card exposing yourself to data theft or prying expectations.

3-. Cryptographic security is well known since its inception that cryptocurrencies rely on mathematics and rely on decentralized nodes to carry out their transactions, there is no malicious provider that can perform data collection.

4-. Financial freedom when you travel from one point to another is the property of each country the money you carry with you, cryptocurrencies make you a merchant in the saara transporting your own money with complete confidentiality.

5-. anti inflationist it is well known that the currencies every year lose their value due to inflation by the government due to a job done to print more money.

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Negative aspects

1-. We depend on third parties that still do not generate adequate performance. The decentralized money technology has only been around for 10 years.

2-. Powerful groups manage to award by reason or force coins for the little power of the voice and the hashrate on the ethical.

3-. market with expectations of making you rich overnight many currencies aspire to inflate and then disappear.

4-. You are your own guarantor in case you lose your cryptocurrencies, security will only depend on you and not on a third party, you must be at the forefront of security.

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