Please don't clap!

in #cringe7 months ago (edited)

Maybe you've seen a short clip from the Democratic Socialists of America Convention, where clapping and gendered language were the enemies of the working class, instead of landlords and billionaires - but there was much more cringe. I felt sorry for the chairperson, until she said that discussing socialism was off-topic. And watch one of those disabled narcissists stutter when he accidentally uses the word 'trumps'.

'Point of personal privilege' is a regular term from Robert's Rules of Order, but it's way overused here. And it's funny to hear these social justice warriors claiming privilege.


This was the creature complaining about the word 'guys':

They're not sending their best, folks.

It's easy to mock the DSA from the right. The Marxist respons from a new group called Class Unity is more interesting: Let Them Clap. Well, I don't know whether that's a group or one person, but there's also a leftist subreddit opposing identity politics: /r/stupidpol.

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