Mafia Post Series: Serbian Mafia Story

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Serbian mafia is a composition of multiple groups in Serbia and the Serbian diaspora.

When the Yugoslav Wars ended the local economy was devastated. Back then many Serbs and Montenegrin soldiers saw only one way to make a profit and that was by turning to a life of crime.

The organization specialized in smuggling, arms trafficking, heists, drug trafficking, protection rackets and illegal gambling.

Serbs gangsters day by day started also to have wider connections throughout the entire Europe.

The Serb mafia presence in Scandinavia for example is still relatively high. In Sweden and Denmark, they are known as "Juggemaffian" ("Yugo Mafia"). In 2005, the Danish government stated that the Serbs had surpassed the Albanians and Turks in smuggling heroin into Denmark.

For decades, Ljubomir Magaš, has been known as the "Godfather" of the Serbian mafia during the 1970s and 1980s.

For 6 years the Serb Mafia and the Italian Mafia were working together by smuggling illegal cigarette to Italy.

A jaw-dropping story happened in 2009 when two Serbian mafia members in Spain (Sretko Kalinic and Luka Bojovic) tortured to death Milan Jurisic. After beating to death the victim, they made a macabre face mask from his skin and as if that wasn’t enough they put him through a meat grinder and ate him for lunch.

Reports 20 years ago, suggest that at that time the Serbian Mafia had more money than the Serbian government and was better armed than their military. Women's trafficking by a big number of prostitutes brought from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine is mainly responsible for the gang's rising power .

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Id love if you went more in depth with this. There are so many nuances and whole establishment surrounding. I know i watched a scary documentary a few years back about the Serbian Mafia. "Vidimo se u Čitulji". Scary scary stuff.
When ever wars start, the worst people always arise.


I will check that documentary you mentioned.Maybe I will make a part2 one day.Nevertheless,thank you for your comment!