Increased Rates of Pedophile Arrests in 2017

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In 2014 the number of human trafficking offenses was 443, and 120 of those were cleared.

This means that in 2014 the TOTAL charges of human trafficking were 323

952 total arrests in 2014, 837 of which were adult offenders.

750 total arrests in 2015, 664 of which were adult offenders.

Now the real interesting and juicy stuff is the state's statistics. In ALL of 2014, these were the only states with arrests made:

Arizona, Guam, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Texas, Utah, Wyoming.

Texas leads the pack every year with over 50% of arrests being made there.

I have seen the claim that LE agencies run pedo roundups in the 1st Quarter of each year; haven't verified or discounted that claim.
This includes the claim that these numbers include simple prostitution arrests, and not just pedo-related crime

2015 you see more arrests across a wider range of states, but still the highest total besides Texas is only 74 arrests in Minnesota.

So far in 2017 since Jan 27th in a single month of the Trump presidency we have seen 1627 arrests for human trafficking.

If the same ratio of people were cleared, this would be 440 people cleared.

If the same ratio of arrests vs cleared is applied that 1186 people would be charged for human trafficking offenses in one month vs 323 in the whole of 2014 under Obama.

Why isn't this on the #fakenews?

This essentially means 1 of 2 possibilities.

  • Our previous administration was extremely incompetent in handling known criminals or extremely incapable of investigating reported crimes

  • Our previous administration(s) are cooperating with these criminals in some way, which is why law enforcement was unable to arrest them until now.

This is a compilation of others' work, with a few notes of my own