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RE: The RICO case against the Democratic Party

in #crime5 years ago

Sounds like a great idea to take down one of the big parties. Very good info.

Are you following the big lawsuit currently being pursued? Do you think they can win? Do you think the prosecution will survive to the end?


I'm not following any of these trials; I know the Klayman one I cited was dismissed

There have been other suits brought by Bernie bros against the DNC after the vote rigging in the primaries, but IIRC at least one of these has been dismissed and the others dropped after the election went into the general

Both parites need to be destroyed.

Maybe the republicans can be reforrmed, but I doubt it.

The democong need to be wiped from the face of this country

I agree on all points. The DNC cannot be reformed. Neither can the RNC if I'm honest. Both parties are heavily invested in maintaining the status quo at all costs - and that includes teaming together against the little guy when the need arises.

That Bernie bro lawsuit has been yielding some interesting results. They've forced the DNC to say some self-incriminating things on the record that will make life hard on their PR teams in the future. Not sure if it will yield any results though. When suing the parties, much like suing the government, I don't have much confidence in the justice system being insulated from politics.

That Bernie bro lawsuit has been yielding some interesting results

is that the one out of FLA? Do you know the name of the case?

I never pursued it, but there was speculation that the murder of the FLA DA was linked to the case vs the DNC in FLA

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