DRUGS AND CRIME: An ill in the society!!!

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Hi everyone, I have to write about this disturbing and mind bugging issue, I often watch on the news that people commit crimes and a lawyer comes to defend and the villain wins the case, this happened right in my face when a man brutally abused her wife and he went Scot free, her face and body was scared with several mapping dot made out of stick, wire and fist and this devil was free of charges.
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It is rather appaling that crime victims are not always brought to book. From time immemorial there has been a laborious effort put on by security personnel to curb the widespread of crime in the world. But more is the harm it does, it is as though the graph of crime against security is a Boyle'slaw in chemistry.
It saddens my heart when I see minor engage in illicit act, who to blame? The parent that out if poor parenting care less and eteffortlessly do nothing to improve the lifestyle of such individual and sometime even be a backbone to their crime actions.
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Or the government that all in the name of politics has sold their guts money and care less about the society, or the minor themselves that out of proper guidance and mentoring are devoured by the sweetness of the pressure from peers and oppressions from the celebrity.
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All these cannot be answered with million words neither can the reasons be parried, but rather dig deep into the engine that drives the crime, the petrol that crime is burn out of, the sea that carries the wave of killing, DRUG!!!. People sell drugs in the high school to be in clique and even teacherswho are suppose to instill moral decadence buy.
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Drug-related crime undoubtedly accounts for a large part of the external costs of illicit drug use. For instance Godfrey (2002) estimated that around 88% of the economic and social costs of class. A drug use in England and Wales in 2000 was attributable to crime and policing costs, while the UK Drug Harm Index (MacDonald et al. 2005), which attempts to measure the trend over time in drug-related social harms, assigns over two-thirds of its weight to property crime.
What induces crime? Is it the “Economic-compulsive” crime which arises
from a need for additional income to fund the drug purchases made necessary by compulsive drug use. Or the "psychopharmacological crime" which is a behaviour generated by the action of drugs on the brain, resulting in weakened self-control or decision-making capacity, or violent responses to external provocation.

All these boils down to the fact that the world wants crime and enjoys it, but the fear of taking the truth is what is killing a majority.

The volume of drug-related crime is the difference between the volume of crime in
the world as it is and the volume of crime that would exist in an otherwise identical world with illicit drugs unavailable. Policy are not put in place to halt the menace. Liberalisation of cannabis supply and the provision of clinics for supervised injection of prescribed heroin are two examples of counterfactuals that arise in current policy debates. Crime has eaten deep that domestic violence feels like a norm in the society, people learn cyber crime to function in the society and they get accolades from society because of "shut your mouth" money they get. Crime through sex abuse is the order of the day People die everyday through crime and we say we are not celebrating it?!
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Walk away from crime and drugs and restore peace in the society, I can do it!, you can do it!!, we can all do it!!!
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