Former Scottish National Party Leader Cleared Of All Sexual Assault Charges - Seriously?

in #crime4 years ago

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond who used to lead the Scottish National Party and desperately wants Scotland out of the Union with England, Wales and Nothern Ireland, has just been found not guilty in relation to thirteen charges of sexual assault including one of attempted rape against nine women.

Now I'm not one to attack the judiciary, especially in jury trials, but are we seriously saying nine women between them made up thirteen charges against one man?

That's some conspiracy.


I have heard a little bit about this news story. So much going on in the world. It is difficult for me to keep up. Thanks for sharing yesterday on the PYPT Show.

Well thank you @sgt-dan, it was a great show as usual and I'm pleased you were a part of it too. You sure know how to make things a bit more lively!

They should probably also just lock him up because he was in gov, that already indicates that he has fewer moral values than most.

What better way to halt a revolution than by targeting the one heading it up?

He had his moment as a revolutionary back in 2014, it didn't work. If they were going after his successor, Nichola Sturgeon, then that could sure help halt the independence revolution, if that's what you're referring to.

I could interpret that a number of ways, could you elaborate? You think Alex Salmond is a revolutionary?

He's a puppet with his strings being pulled but at the same time, he pulls many himself.

the court never makes mistakes 😉😉

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