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I must caution that this post includes actual screenshots from the butchering of a human corpse. You have been warned.


One strange thing is there is no law against cannibalism in the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other countries. Cannibals are charged with a related crime, usually murder - at the very least desecration of a corpse. Why do many cannibals do it? Well, many are loners - by eating their victims they believe they carry that person with them forever. Often this is linked with sexual ecstasy, they are known to orgasm just by cutting into the flesh of their victims - it excites them immensely.

Armin Meiwes

My first story starts with a character not unlike the one from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Armin Meiwes’ father abandoned his family when Armin was eight. His mother was one of those domineering types who never let him go anywhere without her, and would publicly criticized admonish him.

As an only child with a mother like that (two half-brothers left when he was 6), he ended up without many friends. So he created an imaginary one named Franky with whom he would tell his secrets too, one of which was that he wished he could eat his friends before they left him so they would stay with him forever.

When his mother died in 1999, he was left alone and with a large country house in Germany. He ended up recreating his mother as a mannequin in a room in that house which could only be described as a shrine.

He also became fascinated with internet pornography that showed pain and torture as its theme. This interest led him to the forums of an internet site called the Cannibal Café in 2001. There he left a post saying he was looking "looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed."

He got many answers, but only found one to be serious after actually facing the knife. That man was 43 year old Bernd Jurgen Armando Brandes who had placed his own ad looking to be eaten, and they met at Meiwes’ house on March 9th, 2001. The day before Brandes had wrote “I’ll bring myself as breakfast.”

The two had sex, and then talked about computers while drinking some coffee. Brandes thought he couldn’t go through with it and asked to be taken to the train station. But before getting onboard he said that if he had sleeping pills and schnapps he thought that would do the trick.

The house of horrors where Meiwes killed and ate his victim. (MICHAEL SOHN/Ap)

They went back to the house and into a purpose made soundproof killing room. At about 6 p.m. it started and it was all on video. Brandes wanted Meiwes to bit off his penis but Meiwes was unable to with just his teeth, so he used a knife. Both of them tried to eat it raw but it was Brandes who said it was too ”chewy”. Meiwes started to cook it using salt, pepper, wine and garlic and then decided to use some of Brandes’ own fat – but by then it had burned. So Meiwes chopped it to pieces and fed it to his dog.

Brandes was placed in a bath and left to bleed out. Miewes read a Star Trek book for the next 3 hours, checking on Brandes occasionally. Brandes was unconscious, so he stabbed him in the throat, ending his life. He then hung the body on a meat hook and chopped pieces off, placing the flesh into plastic bags that he then labelled and stored in his freezer under some pizza boxes. He even tried to grind the bones to use as flour.


Leaked screenshots from the killing video

Over the next 10 months he ate 44lbs (20kg) of the body. He was caught when he posted another ad on the forum looking for his next victim and describing in detail when he did to his last. Another reader notified the police.

During the trial he defended himself saying that it was a voluntary killing, as seen on the video. Germany didn’t have a law against eating human flesh, so he was tried for murder for the purposes of sexual pleasure and disturbing the peace of the dead. He was initially given 8.5 years, but was retried and sentenced to life. He described the taste of human flesh as like pork, but stronger. He has since become a vegetarian.

If you want, you can click on this link to view the archived forums of 'The Cannibal Cafe'. Meiwes used the name 'Franky' there.

The Mauerova Family

From left: Mom Klara, Barbora, Jakub, Ondrej

The Czech Republic in 2007. Two young boys, 8 year old Ondrej and 10 year old Jakub, were discovered chained, naked and gagged in a basement for months by their own mother, 31 year old Klara. Assisting (or manipulating depending on whose story you listen to) her was her sister, Katerina and a 34 year old named Barbora who was posing as a 13 year old named Anna.

What the mother and aunt did to their own is disgusting. They sexually abused them, gagged them, kept them in cages or handcuffed to tables, put out cigarettes on their bare flesh, made to cut themselves with knives, and made to stand in their own waste for days. The younger brother also had the skin flayed from his arm and made to eat some of it, while his mom, aunt, and others in the cult ate the rest.

They were only rescued when a neighbor turned on a baby monitor he bought for his newborn daughter, which was the exact model that Klara had purchased to keep an eye on her sons down in the basement. The neighbor got the signal and saw the two boys chained, naked, and gagged – so he called the cops.

The women were part of a cult called the Grail Movement. They said the tortures were directed by a man in the cult called the “Doctor”. No evidence of this person has been found, so it was probably just a ploy to direct blame elsewhere as all involved were just pointing fingers at each other.

The strangest thing about this was the 34 year old pretending to be 13 was released and fled to Norway before the police found out who she really was. In Norway she was pretending to be a man. Anyways, the mom got 9 years, the aunt 10, and Barbora 5. Pretty lax punishment I’d say, the mom and aunt should be out soon.



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Wow, @getonthetrain.

Are those really actual photos from the Armin Meiwes case? That's crazy! What an absolute monster he is!

Those are screencaps from the video he made during the whole ordeal. During the trial they showed about 20 minutes of it. Some reporters had to seek help after, so the story goes.

Ugh... amazing what people can do.

Yea, there are tons of people walking the streets right now that have done or are wanting to do things such as this - and more!

longpig...it's what's for breakfast!

It's interesting about these cults, like the Matamoros drug ring/coven...

How do these people network? Doesn't ANYBODY report running into these psychos?

Nice to meet you, How'd you like to go on a murder spree with me?
No thank you, I've got a little errand to run down at the police station.

Well, I think they work it more slowly than that. Testing their members with more and more crazy stuff.

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