A way to watch the Cricket World Cup online that really works!

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I told you a few days ago, I am so fed up with blogs and websites claiming to give solutions to problems, only to give you even more problems afterward. And yes, that is what I have discovered about all the blogs claiming to give you a solution on how to watch the Cricket World Cup online as well.

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I have checked the websites of several VPN blogs, and they write about streaming sites and services (like Sonyliv in Pakistan and Hotstar in India) showing the matches online, and claiming that all you need is a VPN subscription and you will be ready to stream the cricket world cup online... well, that is one big piece of crap! How come?

  • I will show you a method that truly works later down in the article, but first I want to tell you why the mentioned methods do not work.

Why can't you stream the Cricket World Cup on Sonyliv Pakistan and Hotstar India?

PureVPN is claiming on their website that you can watch the cricket world cup on Sonyliv in Pakistan. Well, it sure sounds good, but I have just tried it and even though it looks promising, the streams simply won't start, and you will not get access to the live material on the site, with or without PureVPN. I have tested with other VPN providers as well with no greater luck!

I read an article by the VPN provider Vanished VPN in which they write about Hotstar India as the solution. And then they share a link to an article on how to register for Hotstar India which is completely outdated, with screenshots from a 5-year-old website and so much more. In other words, you might sign up for their VPN service, but you will quickly discover that you will be unable to stream Hotstar outside India. How come? You need a registered cell phone number in India, and there are no FREE SMS numbers available for receiving and confirming such services in India. And, if you cannot register at Hotstar, you cannot buy their Premium package, which makes it impossible to sign up for their services. Again, a real bummer - and Hotstar India is not an option for those who want to stream the cricket world cup online. If you already have a Hotstar account, things are different, but if you do not have one, then you are in trouble! Again, this is a dead end road and not a solution for those who want to stream the cricket world cup online.

So, what should you do then?

the cricket world cup 2019.jpg

A working method that will let you stream the Cricket World Cup online

I discovered this method a few weeks ago, and I have just tested it today again during the opening match of the cricket world cup between England and South Africa, and it works! I live in Hungary and there is no way to watch the cricket world cup here, hence I had to find an online solution. Here you have one that works!

Hotstar Canada is the solution

Hotstar doesn't only exist in Canada, but it also exists in Canada. So, to stream the cricket world cup on Hotstar in Canada, this is what you need to do.

  • You need to sign up for the VPN services of either NordVPN, PureVPN or ExpressVPN.
  • After signing up, download their VPN client, open it and connect to a server in Canada.
  • Now it is time to visit http://ca.hotstar.com/
  • Create an account and buy a one-month account (you do not need a Canadian payment card).
  • Start streaming the cricket world cup online.

All the mentioned VPN providers have a 30-day money back policy, and Hotstar Canada has a 3-day money back guarantee, so it is no big risk in trying this.

This also works on iPad, iPhone, Android systems and more

What I discovered about Hotstar Canada is that they do not have a mobile application available yet. That might sound stupid, but I actually like this. As a result, you will have to use the VPN and after that, open a normal browser window on your mobile device. There you visit the Hotstar Canad awebsite, log in with your credentials, and you are ready to stream the cricket world cup on your mobile device as well.

Isn't that super neat?

cricket world cup online.jpg
I am watching the cricket world cup online on Hotstar Canada, a method that actually works.

So, here I am with a method that will give you access to all the matches from the cricket world cup online. It isn't free, but if you are a hardcore cricket fan, combining a 10 USD fee for a VPN and appx. 8 USD fee for a month of Hotstar isn't that bad, is it? And if you also add to this the fact that the VPN will later let you access American Netflix, BBC in England and lots of other services, it is quite cool!

How are you watching the cricket world cup on the Internet

Are you watching the cricket world cup online? Have you followed my instructions, or have you found some other website or some other method that gives you access to the cricket world cup online? I would love to hear from you. If these instructions have helped you out, please write a comment as well as I would love to hear from you!

All the best, and may the best nation win the cricket world cup!


Thanks for great article! Any thoughts on the on-going match between India and South Africa? All the best

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