Cricket is an amazing sport. It started in England. I think. Yes it did just checked!

in cricket •  5 months ago

Last night we had a cricket game at my kids' school. See the video link down below!

It was really cool because it was at night under the lights.

Amazing atmosphere and we had a braai (South African word for barbecue) afterwards.

Cricket is a sport you could compare to baseball. But it is very very different.

Originally they actually rolled the balls. Now they "bowl" it which means your arm has to stay straight.

And the ball is allowed to bounce before it reaches the batter.

Here are the latest rankings (Matches Points Rating)
1 India 38 4,397 116
2 South Africa 35 3,712 106
3 England 45 4,722 105
4 New Zealand 23 2,354 102
5 Australia 36 3,663 102
6 Sri Lanka 38 3,668 97
7 Pakistan 24 2,271 95
8 West Indies 32 2,432 76
9 Bangladesh 19 1,268 67
10 Zimbabwe 8 12 2

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