2 Month On Crete, Greece And Why HAVE To Go To Greece Every Year

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We're finally on the road again! After a long break of nearly six months, we packed our suitcases and left Valencia, to spend two months on Crete, in Greece. If you follow us on social media, you might have noticed that Greece is an annual destination for us. And there's a reason for that.

Crete Travel Blog

As all frequent travelers know, flying can be a nightmare. But a few years ago, we learned through a friend about a great way to achieve Gold Star status with Star Alliance. Aegean Airlines, one of the members of the alliance, only required 12,000 miles per year, along with four flights on Aegean or Olympic Air to maintain the status. The requirements have been raised since then, but they're still easier to meet than other Star Alliance members.

The perks of Gold Star status are plentiful. We get four business class upgrade vouchers on Aegean flights, bonus miles for flying with them, access to business lounges around the world, and an extra piece of checked luggage. This last one is especially vital for us; staying 91 days in each destination means that we need more stuff than the average vacationer, and we take full advantage. Also, thanks to the elevated status, there's a good chance we'll get bumped up to Business Class -- our most memorable surprise upgrade was on our flight from Istanbul to Ho Chi Minh City. This was a very long haul, made much more pleasurable by the fully-extendable beds and dedicated cooks.

Crete Travel Blog

Also, Gold Status is invaluable when you find yourself needing help. I'm sure you're familiar with the cantankerous nature of most airline agents, who often treat helping customers as a chore, and seem programmed to respond "no" to every request. This isn't the case if you can talk to an agent in the business lounge -- they simply treat you nicer, and actually make an effort to help wherever possible. The difference is night and day. Also, you have faster access to most everything: check-in lanes, boarding queues, and often even security lines.

If they ever decide to revoke this status, our Gold cards will have to be pried out of our cold, dead hands!

So, the requirement to take four flights with Aegean Air is the reason that, once per year, we fly to Greece. And believe me, it's not exactly a task we have any problem with. There are so many amazing destinations in this country, I doubt we'll ever tire of visiting.

 Crete Travel Blog

But this year, our Greek visit will be a bit different. Normally, we're in pure "work-cation" mode, not creating any content, but catching up on things we let slip during our previous For 91 Days journey. But this time, due to some changes in how we'll be traveling, we'll also be posting some content about our time here. And we're staying for twice the time we normally do. For the next two months, we'll be on Crete, in and around Chania for two full months. (Why not 91 days? Well... "life". We've got a series of engagements at the end of October that we can't miss!)

For our first month on Crete, we've rented a small house in the center of Chania's old town, just a couple minutes away from the famous Venetian Harbor, surrounded by taverns, coffee shops and street cats. (The cats are well-deserving of their own post, by the way, so stay tuned for that!) For the second month we'll be living in a village not far from Chania, which will be much more quiet and relaxing. We'll have a full house, with a garden, outdoor seating, a grill, and even a traditional stone oven, in which I plan on attempting to bake bread and pizza!

Make sure to hit our "Follow" button, because in the upcoming weeks, we'll be writing a lot about Chania, the mountain towns which surround it, Greek cuisine, and of course the many beautiful beaches of Crete.

Have you ever been here? If so, do you have some tips for us? We'd love to get some insider knowledge on what we absolutely can't miss, especially in and around Chania.

More Photos Of Our Flight To Crete

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Crete Travel Blog


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Awesome aerial photos. I wouldn't mind an annual Greece visit. Enjoy your stay there :)


Indeed great aerials from Greece! Can't wait for the "cat" post 🤣


Thank you ... we're! Planning our next overnight trip.

I never took a flight in my life and I doubt I ever will have to, but I am looking forward to see your travel postage. Enjoy your time there.


if it's because you know how to teleport please teach me now haha


Thank you for your comment - happy you're looking forward to our upcoming posts. How come you will never fly? Out of principle?

Welcome to Crete!
I was expecting this post the last few days! I never thought, though, that someone would consider Aegean Airlines as a reason to visit Greece and not as means to do so :)
You should definitely cross the gorge of Samaria, it is epic! I wrote a post about it 3 months ago, if you want a preview!
Can't wait to see my island through your words and images!


Well, we always wanted to visit Greece but Aegean now gives us the yearly excuse. We actually wanted to hike the Samaria Gorge on Thursday but it was closed for bad weather. Then considered the Imbros Gorge but that morning it was raining like crazy in Chania. So we went to Hora Sfakion, took the ferry to Loutro and walked back the next day. That was so amazing!

As all frequent travelers know, flying can be a nightmare...

You can say that again @for91days. Every single time I had to travel I always get sorts of different emotions LOL. But the good thing is am rewarded with beautiful works of nature after the trip. I still am doing SEA , perhaps the chance to see the other half of the hemisphere will come to reality next year, or the next year after. Thanks for always sharing wonderful posts!


Thank you for stopping by and yes, the other parts of the world is waiting for you!

I love Greece, it's one of my favorite places and I also wouldn't mind going back there every year too! :)

I've been in Greece twice, but never visited Crete. In the last couple of years I have a very strong desire to visit this island, I'm not really sure why.

I'm really looking forward to all your upcoming posts! :)


Crete is wonderful so far - you would love it. Stay tuned for our upcoming posts.

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Perks of being a frequent flyer you get to see amazing views from the top.. Wonderful pictures..i have never been lucky enough to be upgraded to business class..may be someday soon.. Waiting to see your next adventure 😍

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Thank you and I keep my fingers crossed fro your upgrade one day!!!

Catch a flight are very stunning when you have such beautiful and clear view from the window..... It might be a nightmare when there are those turbulence. However Greece is absolutely a great destination ...as I was saying to you in discord I recently experienced part of it :)


We considered Thessaloniki and the surroundings but we might go there next year.

Great! we are going to be there in Oct. Look forward to your blogs!~


We will be on Crete until Oct 26! Maybe see you around!

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Wowwww this gold card knowledge bomb you dropped is pure...gold! Lol except hmm I'm not sure how long it takes to fly 12k miles. But I want gold status now.

Can I be nosy and ask how much rent typically is in Greece? I know it depends on where you are. I guess Crete specifically?


It really depends on the fare class, some booking classes only accumulate 50% of flown miles and some even don't give you any miles. It's always a struggle when booking a flight but we got pretty good over the years. Plus the 4 Aegean flights! For example flying from Frankfurt to Tokyo will get you 5820 miles.

We're renting a small house in Chania for 700 Euros for a month. Next time I think we would just book a place for one week and then walk around and check out some of the apartments advertised on the streets. Assuming they're much cheaper.

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