Due to Promise of Midnight (Creepy #1)

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Joe and Jay are two brothers who are still studying as high school students and live in dormitories. They are close relatives despite separate rooms. They are always together, even when going to the bathroom at midnight.

"Jay, if you go to the bathroom, wake me up, do not you?"


Jay was often woke up in the middle of the night because he wanted to go to the bathroom. Usually, because he could not bear it, Jay chose to go alone. But Joe was worried. Moreover, they both know that the hostel is famous haunted.

03.00 A.M

Tok! Tok! Tok!

Hearing the door knock, Joe woke up. She opened the door with a sleepy face.
"Come to the bathroom."

Joe nodded slowly, "come on."

They both went straight to the bathroom. Joe goes hand in hand with Jay beside him. It's because the night is more gripping than the basics .They go to the bathroom at the end of the corridor located on the first floor. Joe still looked sleepy as he leaned against the wall and waited for Jay to finish.

"Come on, let's go home."

"Wait, I'll go to the bathroom too." Joe interrupted. But just now he stepped foot to get into the bathroom, for some reason his eyes fixed on the floor.

Suddenly he was astonished when he realized that Jay was standing in front of him and had no legs. He looks like walking on water, but there is no water in the bathroom.

Joe tilted his face to stare at Jay in front of him. The figure smiled sideways with the half-eyed eyeballs. His face that was similar to Jay turned black-blooded. Staring at Joe with a look that instantly made him faint with fear.


"He did not wake you, so I took his place."


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