Credits could be listed on OKEX?

in #credits4 years ago

No matter what you think of credits good bad, scam or not. It could be listing on OKEX, which would be massive for the project. It currently sits around 80mil market cap @ 80 cents per token. If this gets listed i expect the price to surge well above a dollar mark, even if the bear market continues (not financial advice).

Look at this tweet posted by OKEX

It says * "CS is the most suggested team, but other projects do look promising to us"*

Credits has a lot of FuD surrounding the legitimacy of the project! I think the OKEX team were disappointed credits won the vote, and may now try an backtrack to not list it. Which in my view is unfair to the community!

They further go on to say:

"the 5 project teams will have to converse with our head of operations, in telegram for further discussion, please consider we take our listing process seriously and there is a lot of criteria to consider!"

If credits won credits should be listed, but no they want to talk to the other teams to! Why? because they might not think credits fits their criteria.

Wouldn't it make more sense, to make a poll based on projects that fit your "criteria". you do realise if you dont list credits, you will have major backlash now.

Ive linked the tweet below if youd like to read it, they post them as images to circumnavigate the character limit!

I would not be surprised if they withdraw from their competiton pledge of listing credits.If they do, you should complain! As if they had any doubts before hand, it should not of been included in the vote

Thanks for reading

Disclaimer : All investing is speculative. This isn't financial advice. Just one man's opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables, affecting the system, at exactly the same time.

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