What are the real use of Credits Blockchain?

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maxresdefault.jpgThe importance of a Blockchain project increases when it fulfills the requirements of daily life use or it should a lot of features to boost technology and business. Do you know? Credits blockchain has all these features which not only fulfill technology and business requirements but also can be implemented in our daily life.

Let's talk about some important use case of credits first then I will guide you on how can you implement Credits blockchain for your personal or professional use.

Use case no-1: A Simple Platform For Developers;

5a6ecac657f0aa1a2456ab168ff6502e.jpegSo, first of all, I want to discuss this feature because If an open-source platform is not simple for every developer then this will not truly open-source. I think an open-source platform should be used by any developer who is in the beginner stage or in the pro stage and ou should not need to learn an extra language to use that platform, for example, you need to learn solidity language to use Ethereum platform.

But don't worry Credit blockchain is far simpler and faster than other open-source platforms of blockchain here you can start your development of smart-contract and dapp if you know to basic language C++ and java. These are two basic and universal language every beginner starts there coding carrier with these languages first.

After reading this article if you motivated to start your coding then you have two option first you need to install the installer or you can download the source code from Github to build independently. All important links are at the bottom of this article.

Use case no-2: A Useful Blockchain Platform For Business Growth;

credits.pngCredit blockchain can be a blessing for your business because you can grow your business following ways.

*Add Automation: You can automation to your business with the help of smart-contract. If you don't know what is smart-contract then let me tell you these are the contract which is made up of computer codes and can activate automatically when certain condition full-field.

Using smart-contract you can give salary to your employees automatic at the end of every month, you can deal with other businesses using smart contracts, etc. All transactions executed on the blockchain get recorded for the life-time you don't need to worry no one can tamper it.

Let's understand with a real-life example of how can a real business adopt a smart contract.

Example-1: Smart contract in an insurance company can be very useful if you do car insurance at the X insurance company and regularly pay your premium through smart contract and that X insurance company connected their base account with that smart contract so when your car gets crashes and after successfully claimed you get your money automatic.

*Tokenize Your Business: Using Credits blockchain you can create your own token for your business which will represent your brand and can be used for payment, can be used as equity share of your company, and you can fundraise by selling your tokens to interested investors.

*Run Loyalty Programs: Every business needs loyal customers to grow because of that customer you can get free marketing of your business so you need to hold that customer by rewarding every customer using Credits token or using your own token created on Credits blockchain. For more information visit links in the description.

*Monitor Supply Chain:Every type of business or company is interconnected to other businesses or companies to import/export raw material and products. This supply chain transaction consumes more time and money to record so using Credits blockchain business or company can store their data in their personal blockchain which is impossible to lose and tamper.

Use case no-3: Payment For shopping;

external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpegThis is the most important point because speed and less fee structure make credits token most eligible crypto for instant payment. Let's imagine you brought a coffee with bitcoins. And after payment bitcoin takes 10-20 min for execution to blockchain to initiate the transaction and till then the coffee seller won't let you go. But do you know Credits token takes only 0.1sec with a very low fee from 0.001$ on the other hand Bitcoin transaction fee can be up to 5$?

For more information and to know more usecase must connect to Credits blockchain using following links.

ANN thread,
Telegram group,Telegramchannel,
Linkedin ,Instagram, medium, youtube,reddit,github

Risk warning!!: All the information above are not financial advice and neither legal nor illegal advice all are my opinion and this article is for your knowledge Before. investment do your own research because nobody will responsible for your profit or loss

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