Belief in lack creates it

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There is such an intrinsic belief in lack in one area or another for everyone fuelled by mass consciousness and mass media understanding of the world and how it works. There is a belief in lack, or a finite amount of absolutely everything… money, energy, the finer things in life, food, water, homes, great men to be in relationship with, great women to be in relationship with, great places to work, great clients/ contracts, health, what your body is capable of, what your mind is capable of, time .You get the idea, and if you look at your own life you will feel the contractions where you are believing in lack. The the result of such belief plays out as follows:

  • when you believe that there is not enough, that is exactly what you will experience… i.e. when you believe in lack, you get lack
  • it contracts your energy field and your creational ability to realise what you want in your life
  • it can stop you from believing something is possible at all, which will also cause resistance in your field
  • it slows the flow of energy in your body
  • it can cause tension / worry in your body if you believe there is a lack of something that you really want… and this can eventually manifest as some kind of illness
  • you go into competition.. it is you vs me. You are competing for limited resources… you can see that being played out in global politics at the moment and how it in fact results in less for us all

However, when you are truly present in this moment now, you feel no lack of anything. Lack is just one giant illusion (sometimes based on what you are looking at which is also the illusion of old energy flows and outcomes).

So, lack, inside you or outside? Whatever it is about, lack is outside and irrelevant! Feel who you are in a reality where that is true! You are an infinite source creator, which is capable of physicalising anything at all through its energy signature of the moment! Things beyond all imagination and ‘reasonable’ expectation of what your mind believes is possible. Try that on for size!

When you make lack irrelevant to you and your life:

  • you are connected to the truth of who you are and the infinite flow of energy which can create anything at anytime
  • you are totally free to bring all into being for all
  • you make more of everything available to everyone, everywhere
  • you experience yourself as so much more right here and now on planet Earth!
  • you are in the excitement of pure possibility… and your creations come from here (rather than from the energy of need which is not very effective!)
  • there is so much more space in your body, and in your life, as things go into greater flow
  • it just all feels like so much more fun and joy as you stop resisting, and be in the infinite that you are.

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Your posts are excellent, keep writing and I really hope that they will be read by many people!

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