Should You Do Free Work?

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Today I want to take you along on a bike ride and talk about free work. If you are a creator, there will be a time when you'll be approached about doing some work for free, and you need to think through how you'll handle those questions now. Hope you enjoy the video.

With Gratitude,
Captain Bob

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Did you wait for the sun to rise in that tree arch, or was that just good timing?

Just lucky timing :)

that’s a great point man. i was often asked back in the day to do free work when it came to ad copy and email drafts. had to put a ‘slow down’ on it because it became too much for me to handle.

love helping people but now and again i do have to feed my family.

great video too man. 30 miles huh. i did 30 feet to my office this morning!!!! progress?

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Yeah it's important to map all that out ahead of time, I think, so I can decide what projects I want to participate in for charity, etc. Yep...30 miles....and yes...30 feet is progess if you do 40 tomorrow :D

I don’t believe in doing anything for free! I would much rather come to a mutual agreement of service trading, everyone has something to offer it’s a matter of coming to an agreeable value for both of your efforts.

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I don't mind doing some work for free. I believe in giving with no expectation in return for charity work and humanitarian type effort. Other things, I think for sure can be mutually agreed upon and a value trade often works really well. I've no problem incorporating those into my balance to come up with win-win situations :)

See when you say work I don’t really think of charity and humanitarian as work, I have not done a whole lot but it’s rewarding in a different capacity so that is still a mutual exchange to me.

I figure it all comes down to where people are coming from, if you think of all that I gained through the one love community relative to what others gain at the same time my thoughts are kinda put into perspective. I don’t get anything more than anyone else other than reputation of running the show which ultimately has been the whole reason I’ve continued even while struggling on a personal level. So you could say I’ve already been paid in advance!

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I all depends on the situation. In the past I have done free work but in those situational I was getting experience and contacts and work for my portfolio. So while I wasnt getting money for my work and time I was getting something in return that I felt was valuable for my time.

It all depends on the situation and if you feel the returns are worth it.

I agree. I'm doing one this weekend for the experience and as mentioned, I've done some charity work (which I have truly enjoyed just contributing).

all my photography work came from my free work, i never thought that i could earn from photography (was not in that mind set when i bought a DSLR). And i kinda don't believe in owning favours, i hope that someone would do something for me but he does not owe me for something i did for him, because i did it because i wanted to. it is much better to pay it forward.
and now i have steem to share stuff i do so it's a plus :D

Agreed @bil.prag. I like the pay it forward concept as well. I looked back at some of your photos. Great stuff man. Looks like you give that Canon a work out :)

thanks. glad you like it.

Agreed! As someone who has been making videos professionally for quite some time, I know how it is. haha

You can get unlimited amounts of free work, hahaha.

LOL totally! lol


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You have a business mindset. I like that.