Where do you find your inspiration?

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I am always really fascinated by the artistic process. Sometimes I find the process even morei nteresting than the art itself. What inspired the characters? Where was it written? Where were they when they came up with the melody? What emotional state were they in? Was it an expression of the moment or an expression of a memory, their own experience or something they witnessed? Was there a goal? Were they challenging themselves or trying to challenge others?

For me, I often feel the most creative juices flowing when I am moving. I do fantastic writing in buses and trains. I do well in cafes because I can observe people find little hints of inspiration in the subtleties of movement and behavior. Nature helps to clean me out, the work of others helps to motivate me and then just being out in a public place is where a lot of the magic happens. I wrote my first short story while riding up and down a very long escalator for two hours.

I do the best writing of music when people are there, casually listening, paying attention but only when it catches their ear. I don’t know exactly why it is because performances are not nearly as exciting to me. I think the idea of playing something new and in the moment for someone is much more interesting to me than playing them my old songs. Perhaps if I felt more comfortable jamming I would like performing more.

There is also something about movement that I find much more inspiring than stillness. Stillness provides a space to go inward. Movement invites a push outward, a connection with the world. In stillness I find contentment, but very little motivation to act. There is no one else in the world, only me, and so I don’t feel any need to express anything really, my thoughts are enough. Movement reminds me of the world I’d like to connect with and share with.

What places, people, situations and conditions inspire you to create?


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For me it is during exercises (jogging specifically). Helps clear my head and bring in thoughts I did not imagine before


I understand that! Movement allows everything to flow! Physical movement is the best! I find a lot of ideas walking around exploring little corners of my neighborhood

In nature. Walking. Anywhere I have sppaaaaaaccce.

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That makes sense. I think it brings a lightness to being and allows space for blocks and angst to dissipate, and the creativity to come. I always kinda feel this utter lightness and joy that makes me want to turn it into language.


When I’m in nature I just want to clear my head and connect with it. I don’t feel much desire to create. Then as soon as I leave I want to create something to bridge the feeling of nature to where I am at!

"I do fantastic writing in buses and trains."

Haha I can't do that.

I like to go some place quiet where I can chain smoke and drink way too much coffee. A weed cookie and some trippy music help to get the juices flowing. Then it hits in earnest and the buzz and coffee crash come together cause me to have a mild panic attack and I question whether anything I wrote even makes sense. When that fades, I edit and rework everything and start to think that I created something truly flawless. Then I hit post or print or whatever and notice like five major flaws in my argument and a bunch of typos when I go to admire my work lol.

As a side note, I joined your discord the other day. I just have been neglecting to get on there and actually socialize.


I would love to try creating stuff while smoking, I’m just not very used to smoking itself, even though I’ve tried plenty of times. I want to be able to consistently find that awesome high that I’ve found a few times before and just spend it in a little creative bubble. I will need to try that once my body feels a bit better!

Great to finally have you there! You were one of those people I was hoping to pull in. Hope you join the conversation soon!


Thanks. I really need to be more active on discord in general since I am a part of a few things now and that seems to be where most of the socializing goes on.

Haha yeah it can help but it can also backfire a little (I wasn't completely joking about the mild panic attack lol). I usually find that I write a little slower when I have a buzz but I also feel a little more creative and more concerned with things like the sound of my sentences. That is generally a good thing but there are times where I catch myself using really clunky wording to maintain alterations and things like that.

I tend to be very inspiration driven which has its benefits and its issues. When it strikes, I can produce some pretty good stuff at a pretty good pace. When I don't have it (like on nights like tonight), things slow down a lot (my next post is probably going to be a day late at this rate). I think altering ones consciousness a little whether it is chemical or through other means can help with whipping up those inspired feelings.

I do well in cafes. I agree too.

writing,reading,movie,photo,picture,music etc. …

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Very well said! Movement and other people inspire me as well. But most of all I get inspired by my own emotional pain and sorrow.