The Sloshy World of "Social Media" & what to do with all the boring posts you're forced to "like" each day

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Picture of food, "My cat is sleeping", Stupid Videos, and the list goes on and on...

How much of our attention has to sift-through extremely boring posts where we feel like we've been sloshed around through a mindless, energy-sapping garbage dump on our phone each day? We all know what it feels like to FEEL like we have to "like" our friends posts on Instagram or FB when their content is super boring. It goes for Steemit as well.


Doesn't it just feel like your finger weighs about a hundred pounds... it seriously takes massive effort on our part to actually 'double tap' on a post that you could care less about?

Someone might comment below:

"Well, just unfollow them, then!"

Yeah, right. You're going to "unfollow" your friends? ...and then have them ask you why you did so later when they find out you that you did it? I don't think so. I know what you're going do. You're going to live each day like the one before it, and patientely endure "Julies pictures in her kitchen drinking coffee", when you're wanting to throw your phone across the room and pull your hair out!

This is the reason why many of my friends have abandoned Facebook and social media altogether. "There's just too much garbage to filter through", they say.


Social media isn't just about posting random pictures that you expect your friends to "like". It's about an interaction of LIFE itself, and sharing with people something valuable that has the potential to impact their lives, or simply add some sort of value to their feed. ("Some sort of value"... help us, Jesus.)

All the posts I see on my Instagram feed each day— I know these people. They really do have a story to tell. (...and I don't just mean their Instagram 'story' either). But many of them (sadly) post boring stuff. What I'm talking about here in this post, is actually taking the time to think about what you're going to post, and then intentionally sharing something meaningful with your audience.

...Is that too much to ask?

Sure, (I'm like you) I like to post random things here & there. But most of us don't understand the ACTUAL POWER of our voice and our own creativity when it comes to posting online.


Recently I posted a couple videos, and sent links to my friends (who aren't on Steemit… YET)

And… I was surpized they were so encouraged by what I posted!

Please hear me. I'm no "expert" in social media, nor am I trying to be some "GaryVee", but what I'm saying is that it really made me stop and think about what I'm doing on social media each day, and how I may need to re-think how I post, so as to bring as much value to the table as possible, (… and not help someone bang their head against the wall because of my extremely "decaf" posts.)

I, personally love to see people sharing from their heart— their photos, their videos their stories. It really does resinate with me. I can see myself in their posts, and it gives me hope that I can be something (and someone) different from the person that I am today.

Powerful, thought-provoking posts DO SOMETHING to us!

  • They awaken something in us
  • They jar us out of our mundaneness
  • They remind us of something that we've been wanting to change for a long time
  • They inspire us to be better people
  • And the list goes on and on...

I want to encourage you today, to not be silent.

Don't just "like" people's posts. Be someone who creates valuable content. AND… don't just ask us to follow you, or upvote you, when your posts are dull and boring. We have better things to do with our time. (…just had to sneak that one in there. 😜 )

How about re-thinking what you post, AND… have a blast while you're impacting the world, and making a difference in somebody's life!

Thanks for checking out my post on Steemit. Feel free to follow me here on Steemit at @transformed and on Insta: @robbgorringe for more encouraging posts and videos.

Make a difference in somebody's life today!


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