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Morning, how the heck are you doing? :)

I’m doing pretty damn sweet, I’ve been sleeping like a rock all week and i’ve been getting to the machine pretty much ready to go each morning. Last night i spent a bunch of time with dayle on video chat, watching live streams, getting her setup so she does not get ads on her twitch streams subs she watches and just shooting the shit about creative energies as a freelancer.

That old conversation came up again as it always does regarding client work and personal and hobby work — the fine line between the two when you have expended all your creative juices over a few days on a project that it’s hard to realise your own.

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

It’s like a rechargeable battery right you need to put it aside and let things charge up again, it’s also very sneaky the way creativity can drain from you while your expending all the variants trying to keep a client happy, it’s near on impossible to summon up more creative spirit to launch into something new or feel inspired — the frustration sets in.

But that was yesterday, today is a different day to have another go, which is the best thing about getting a great sleep and a mental recharge, we get to step through and do the next part and the next, constantly adapting and moving forward a little bit more, we can’t get the Time back but we can build on today!

For about a week now I’ve been social media cold turkey. I’ve really not missed it, i’ve stopped opening tabs for twitter and not having to do the newsletter in the morning has meant i can meditate and then get straight into courses — today I’m trying something new as well, every two recorded parts I’ll meditate again for seven minutes.

Also my new client has more work for me, some big event for next week, means some good hours for me and also the premier minutes on my teaching platforms jumped up as well, I’m certainly gonna make next month about concentrating on promotion via my social channels when i restart them back up — i’m keeping a log of the things that i’ve got started this month.

I’m also starting a brand new revenue stream making custom graphics and animations for streamers, I’ve been doing some research to see where i can fit into the niche and I’m seeing an area where i can maybe make a nice little bit of scratch change.

I’ve also gotta start thinking about a brand new application i want to learn at the start of next year like i did with screenflow this year, i think it’s gotta be around video, maybe premier pro or Final Cut Pro x with some kind of animation element bolted in there?

Ok, breakfast crushed, coffee downed, ready for action for the day, gotta get a few supplies before i can get started today so quick run out and grab and I’m good to go! :)

At least i know i can start today with a relatively cleaned down drive after sorting files last night while on video chat! The upside to a well sorted and organised drive is a better working environment and quicker access to everything!

That reminds me, that’s the next little task, I’ve been looking at a 1tb fast m2.ssd drive, i wonder if you can raid across a couple of them or if anyone has built a NAS that supports them — i guess the host OS doesn’t matter, maybe the route to that is a raspberry pi local NAS host and a couple over usb3 — guessing the networking or ports will be a bit of a bottleneck mind.

Anyway! Creativity returning! Let’s get after this Thursday eh?

Peace and Love
__humble x

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I wish you good luck with your new niche :)

hey thank you, that's really kind ;) -- yeah it's gonna be a good one! :)

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