Exploring Steem and the Beginnings of a Digital Renaissance

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Steem-Powered Creativity in a New Light

Hello Steemit! Today we're excited to share the first of our conversational analyses on the creative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the modern world. We originally gravitated towards Steemit for its capacity to reward creative steps that were previously not monetized. Since our early explorations, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about blockchain and how various functionalities and social structures could help mold Steem into an even more empowering tool for artistic and design professions.

We're looking forward to opening up the conversation and be sure to look out for our post on Friday that will be a major point by point breakdown of how Steemit will be the foundation for a new creative Renaissance.

Steem on!

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Thank you for leading the march into a new reality never before possible for creatives. I do not know of another time in our history where creatives had the potential to be truly independent to create work without the financial pressures of those in power.

The Renissance was a great moment in creaitivity and beauty, and it obviously had such an impact on society that it rippled through time until now that humans take journeys to explore and visit those works.

Only difference now is that we are entering an age where humans can train to be craftsmen who do not need to spend their time servicing the most centralized power of the time. (Religions at the time, corporations in the period we are currently transitioning out of)

anyway, long story short: thank you, and we are so lucky to be going through this point in history together. :]

Apt analogy you're using!

It occurs to me that both Renaissances were/are a revolutionary response of sorts to paradigms that took the power away from the masses. Back then those in power used religion in corrupt ways to take money and power and today it's primarily economic means that are used to disempower the masses. (not very eloquently said, hope it makes sense)

The blockchain is our current cultural revolution and by its nature specifically gives power back to all of us and it's a pretty powerful concept to consider that it could very well lead to an unprecedented time of creativity!

Patronage of the ancient renaissance came in the form of the ultra rich and powerful patrons such as the Medicis, whereas our blockchain renaissance is "patronized" in a communal paradigm with each other's votes, comments, delegation and overall support AND it's win-win.

Seems to me that this renaissance is quite an evolution from the last one and I'm glad to be alive for it! Can't wait to see the next Da Vincis and Michelangelos (and the female equivalents!)

From the Medicis of Italy to the @curie's of Steemit... patronage and community empowerment is evolving quickly! That paradigm shift is being showcased right here everyday. It's an exciting time. Also yes (absolutely) we need more female roles this time around :D

Patronage of the ancient renaissance came in the form of the ultra rich and powerful patrons such as the Medicis, whereas our blockchain renaissance is "patronized" in a communal paradigm with each other's votes, comments, delegation and overall support AND it's win-win.

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Thanks for sharing interesting read..

I believe that.

Love the fresh perspective as a second renaissance!! This community really is a living and breathing machine and I can’t wait to create more blocks with STEEM.🤖👾🤖

Once I saw what STEEM was I was instlanty hooked!! We are the artists and this is the platform where each artist can display their work like in a museum. If the community wants to see more of your work they can give you energy as virtual token of appreciation.💪🏼🤩📈

I’m looking forward to Friday’s video!

Ps: This video quality is SUPER AMAZING!!😱🤯 (sorry for shouting) Can you give me 3 bullet points on obtaining this level of video? I’d be happy to tip the channel in exchange for the info. If that’s top secret info please consider sharing with me on Discord @anthonydigital 🏆🙌🏼😅🍀📈💡💸

Without question in my mind, we are in the beginning stages of a new Renaissance, one that will far surpass the one before it. I saw this first hand at Steemfest. Both of you had to leave, but the Saturday at the LX Factory was a visual display of this. Here we are in the 'art' district of Lisbon, surrounded by a creative / startup atmosphere Yet, all of us Steemians, all creators in our own right, having access to a platform to allow us to create in ways we did not know possible, develop skills and gifts that we didn't even know we possessed and enable us to treat our fellow man with respect of his or her gifts, it was very enlightening. I felt the overwhelming urge to try to share this with others passing by

Steemfest was such an amazing example! What an incredible meeting of minds, disciplines, backgrounds and passions. We were so sorry to miss the LX Factory but enjoyed seeing all of the amazing posts and stories that came out of it. The energy and momentum behind Steemfest and other Steem meetups around the world can't be understated. Thanks for your comment @noboxes, looking forward to SF3!

Steemit is going to change my life and the life of my community as a whole.
I have a strong believe that many people will still get to know this platform in Nigeria. I want to start visiting some universities and encourage young entrepreneurs especially the artist to not give up but hope for huge reward on steemit.
I noticed that there are great people here with kind mind. Always ready to help the newbies

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Great post. Tons of value here. I work in an architectural technology field and whether is the lack of communication between parties, how undervalued I am to the company, or how far the industry technologically it hard to imagine myself gaining any real field experience.

In the short time I've been here I m confident to say the Steem blockchain is the future and freedom for creatives.

Architecture isnt freedom its a crutch.
Steem has potential to be larger than any known social media while acting like a successor to the internet or google itself.

I fully believe Steem will change our lives over the next few years.

Architecture won't really change anything in the grand scheme of this fast changing world. Architecture is still stuck in the past trying to catch up.

Comparing the state of architecture to the state of steem is like comparing a toy hasbro car to a Military Jet that can break the sound barrier.

Cheers guys. Keep up the work. It was so great hearing the perspective of guys in the Architecture/engineering field.

Thank you for sharing this @nwjordan! Definitely, architecture needs a jolt of 21st century exposure. (It might just be forced into it.) So much of architecture is about the process though, so perhaps (just maybe) steem could become a huge process-rewarding catalyst to push it in the right direction.

Yes, agreed and the process of architecture is really of the essence to the end product! I'd like to see architecture look backwards to the historical greats to glean the best of what they have to offer and move forward with technology to create healthy beautiful long lasting communities that bring out the best in human nature and are in alignment and support wholistic life on our planet.

interesting ur post....

steem is the future

Steem/Steemit.com has the ability to be extremely succesful in developing countrys. 10 cents for an upvote might be not much to us, but it can make a real difference in countrys where people only earn a few dollars a day. Internet use in those countrys is rising, more and more people are coming online and will discover this platform. Blockchain will change the life of those people and Steem/Steemit will be the entry point for them. Exciting times are ahead!

Absolutely, with blockchain and a cell phone - you can have a bank account in your pocket. Steem is already showcasing huge impact on communities around the globe that previously couldn't tap into global financial resources. A similar thing is happening with artists... where so much of their work wasn't earning or accruing money. Now, you can monetize your process! Process of creating, exploring, engaging. That 10 cents can go a very long way, very quickly,

That's very true. Developing countries are benefiting big time from steemit and it is just the beginning!

I really hope developing countries continue growing each and every day. That is my very own wish for my country, Venezuela. Meanwhile, I´ll continue to grow personally. The time will come for my country to grow too.

i am new here..and i stay learning in this post..and page the steemit

Amazing correlation isn't it? Revolutionary!

You got a 18.00% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

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Yes, steemit has revolutionised the concept of social media. It makes people to create things and explore your own ideas and discoveries. It helps to monitise your experience and ideology.
I think there should be some sort of incentives to good content creating minnows. I am not against the capitalism even I love it, it creates the compitition which is always good and keeps internal environment healthy. May be my thoughts are little immature but any ways I like you content and motivational attitude. Though my contribution will be too to be considered anyways I am voting.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As an indie musician for 25 years I am encouraging my whole community to move to Steemit. It seems that the possibility of making a sustainable living without creative compromise might have arrived!

Thanks for sharing this @sndbox. It's interesting in seeing your view on the valuation of creativity through the blockchain.

I like how you compare this technological and creative renaissance to others, and how it is a mirror of the past. I agree that the blockchain offers an excellent way to collaborate with each other, much like a public plaza.

I'll be sure to keep up with this, and I can't wait for the post on Friday to see your views in even more detail! I just launched my new project, the Steemit Success initiative, and I would really appreciate your support on it. Thanks again for this thought-provoking video/post!

Yes, definitely! It's very much like the original catchphrase - "Steemit is the Internet's First Small Town."

Yea..... I like the sound of that :Steemit is the Internet's first small town!!

I think you guys are spot on, especially when Michael mentions briefly that Steem truly can be the next creative renaissance.

IMO In 20 years, the idea of posting un-monetized content will seem as outdated as printing out your new album on CDs feels today. It won't be gone, but it'll be clearly the "old way" and wont make a lot of sense.

100% agree. Hopefully we'll look back on this window of the web with a mix of nostalgia and with a perplexed look on our faces :D

I hope you're right. My first thought upon "realizing" the potential of steemit was that "it's something like this that could render Facebook, YouTube and many others to the digital GRAVEYARD.

Incredible video! This is the first one I've seen of you guys and I'm quite impressed. I like the casual discussion format. No hype, just real talk. In regards to your question, I feel that Steemit is going to explode over the next couple years. Finally, us as content creators, can collaborate together, get rewarded, and help fund other projects through delegation. This network is the perfect mesh of social, tech, and crypto. Glad to be here and glad to see you guys creating awesome videos. Anyone who reads this, follow @sndbox right away!

nice one indeed. steemit is coming up and will get to the greatest high soonest..

Nice post, thanks for sharing.

My favorite thing about Blockchain is the voting structures that validate transactions. Cardano, Stellar etc... have very innovative ways to reach consensus. The reason this gets me excited is because I believe that these types of Blockchains can certainly be used to replace governments in the long run. We can all have a say, a vote, a voice that can be heard. We can vote on things that are important to us. We will be able to monitor changes in real time and be able to have input in changes that we think need to be made. We no longer have to rely on elected officials to choose policies for us. The delegation process is baked in the Blockchain technology itself. There will be bumps along the way but I think this is the most important aspect of the Blockchain Renaissance.

Great post! Thank you so much!

steemit at the US different way to help and excited by Ahmed, who is the joy of the. steemit who better if you for all good will

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Great vid. Def one of the best I've seen. A Creatives' Borg Renaissance. Resistance is futile.

very good !

I appereciate you creativity!
wel done!
and thanks for contributing in Steemit


I think this is a good breakthrough. Bedide can help anyone, It can help them do annything with steemit. nevertheless, new efforts and breakthroughs need to be put in place to enable people to focus more on interacting and exchanging information with each other without thinking that whatever content they share should be measured by making money. We’ll await for the next innovations that are presented by the smeet more surprising than the smeetit’s team work. Bravo.

@ned recently came out and stated that he will be focusing on bringing entrepreneurs to steemit, so I think its safe to assume that traditional business will also join at one moment. I can easily envision record labels or digital art galleries here.

But what I am more interested in is an engine for social change. Personally, I already know three grassroots NGO's that give hardcore help to society and I have a plan to contact and help them onboard to steemit. In the best case scenario, we will also have the help of our Romanian community on Steemit.

So apart from the artistic potential this context brings, which I love. For me, the more interesting aspect is related to social progress.

PS: Maybe we can bring the Zeitgeist Movement here. Maybe help them build a platform like utopian.io, which rewards coherent actions towards the betterment of all life on the planet. :)

Social change, 100% agree.

We actually need art to become a way more social discipline. Art galleries need to be outdoors, museums need to be open to the public for free, architecture needs to become a collaborative and outward endeavor.

This was part of our mission behind the Steem Park project, here.

Just finished viewing the documentary, really nice. I'm glad to see things moving forward.

Oh cool! Awesome, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the video.

Good job
Upvote me please

Steemit is a digital carrancy the formula of a steem is like 50 50 50 steem power and 50 steem dolar

Great steemit :p

I like the concept of a "digital renaissance." That was a time of great creativity. Let's hope the same is true for the blockchain era. Maybe some of the first Bitcoin millionaires will start to fund their own artistic projects, just like the great patrons of the Italian Renaissance.

A fantastic observation @dominicbasulto, there could really be a huge movement to merge the tech space with the creative and cultural landscape. We're starting to see some evidence of this!

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Hi sndbox, I read your post. Thanks for your information.

Thanks for sharing this guys! great video I love this

Thank you :D

i think its a great oppertunity for all of us about knowing cryptocurrency....
thanks for sharing...


Thanks posting guys! Happy to hear from you. Great job in promoting steemit. This amazing platform helps ordinary people become extraordinary because they can develop here the skills in communication through creative writings. Moreover, you earn base on the quality and quantity of your post. Have a great steeming day ahead of you guys!

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Thank you for your support!

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The little beginning should not be neglected and it is better to take a decision, say some thing to the people on how to improve the great idea. The sky is your limit @snobox.


Wow...... This is great..... I can already see how beneficial Steemit will be in the nearest future even for developing countries.... Thumbs up👍

Great post! Thank you so much! 100% agree.

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well analyzed mate..

In Aceh - Indonesia, we sincerely hope the economic and community development of the State Budget. Everyone expects to receive part of the Budget. Thus causing chaos in the social life of the country.

When I started creating accounts in Steemit, I learned how this system works. Then I conclude that this is a system (blockchain) that will change the world. Steemit built on this system will be a digital renaissance for a social media platform. It does not matter how my friends will deny me when I deliver it. But finally they also register his account in this Steemit. The community will be driven by Steemit through his "proof of brain".

The public will forget about the disgraceful activities such as corruption in State Money. Crime will be reduced by the cause of welfare gained from Steemit. This is his day. Renaissance Digital. Very lucky I am part of this change.

Our Community, Indonesia Steemit Community are always thinking about future missions for the welfare of Indonesian citizens. With various programs that we have run. Such as promoting Steemit to the public, students, government agencies, and artists.

I am still amazed, because Steemit can change lives only through a mobile phone


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This is the Blockchain ren Years indeed

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Interesting video, I’m still learning about crypto currency so this was helpful. I was wondering at 6:59 if you could explain a little more. Are you basically saying that dtube can’t become as saturated or monopolized by users as other platforms like YouTube? This site already has crypto whales that control a disproportionate amount of the voting power, just wondering what about crypto currency alone makes this site less susceptible to saturation or monopolization by people with the most Steem?

A good point. It's going to take some time for the whale shares to become more and more distributed across the ecosystem here. Delegation (within Steem's DPoS blockchain) can help speed this up. But overall, this is way way more democratized than Gen-1 social networks like instagram or facebook.

It's a strong step in the right direction and Steem is a very long way from where we were one year ago.

Great work!! Thanks for sharing..

Very innovative indeed. Am new here and I want to learn more. The steem blockchain has much to learn

Steemit has already transformed parts of my unfavourable conditions. Making passive income has always been my dream, because I know that it is the only income that sets one free from the rat race. I have no problem with people who opt for the rat race; who have made homework their life; but I prefer being from from that economic war. Steemit has made a significant impact on my life even though I have not made much Steem or Steem Dollars. I think that its fundamental ability to give people the opportunity to leverage the power of their network and engage in the age of distribution is a remarkable feat. Shoutout @sndbox. You're providing this growing community with the bombs we thirst for..

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I'm still very new to steemit, but as someone who's been in crypto since 2013 and have ridden the rollercoaster with BTC, I think steemit is a great idea that will stick around and continue to be influential.

Steem을 도울 수에 대한 엄청난 양을^^

I am very grateful to the stemian stemian who first went into steemit, and told the uninitiated people, where people are busy playing with applications other than steemit which is profitable for the owner of the application, while the steemit that produces for the users I am very grateful , very useful information. @sndbox

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Thanks for sharing like this post... Keep it up . Blessings to you man 😊

Since our early explorations, we’ve learned a tremendous amount about blockchain and how various functionalities and social structures could help mold Steem into an even more empowering tool for artistic and design professions.
That's motivating. Thanks for sharing

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only less then half a million so still fairly young but the steemit itself needs more features sorely lacking


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Renaissance it is!
Although the European renaissance may have taken century or more to take the final shape and form, 'Block Chain' will proliferate at the speed of light and bring permutations of digital/cultural revolutions within the next couple of decades. Block Chain is the next wave in the digital revolution. Fortunately or unfortunately, it is also going to widen the gap in digital divide, only this time the gap will exist even among the populations which will have access to computer and the internet but are not able to plug into to the community of creators.

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While I thank your for the good job you guys are doing, I want to say that Friday is the day then.

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Steemit is really an empowering tool, and an open and easy to use monetization tool.looking forward for to hearing from you

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That is my advice!

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This is future technology..the future is here guys..awsome work mahn

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Just when I'm feeling so down and trying to figure out how to move forward with my career, you guys show up and confirm what has been going on through my mind anyway... The only thing that I would like to see more of is a royalty based reward system - especially for music and film - as it takes so much more work and effort to write and produce a musical track than a blog video... but I suppose in time, possibly with SMTs, this will evolve...

Nice work..open mindset gets us forward in life

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