Warren with the draw knife ! ... by Simon Leach

in creativity •  2 years ago

Thanks for ((( tuning in ! )))

Warren a neighbor from here in Penn's Valley, Pennsylvania was in the middle of carving these diagonals, so I thought that would be of interest, and to make a short video clip of him using the draw knife, and to show the progress thus far, of the front porch roof.

Warren likes to do timber framing using traditional 'old world ' tools, as well as modern tools.

Thanks for watching.

Let's the these crafts alive and kicking !

  • Simon
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Wonderful video, thank you. I ate schnitzels in Germany, but not like these. Interesting to learn that wood shavings and meat cuttings share the same word. I was a bit worried about the chiseling without safety trousers. A very able craftsman!


Thanks for commenting ... yes it seems the video here did not get many views ...
its hard sometimes to post and get little or no response but we continue anyway as the content is good whether people recognize it or not eh !? as always we need to keep practicing !