Why is film making the ultimate creative challenge for me?

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This time it's a solar stop-motion film with zero budget :)

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I do love a good make-shift studio. I am using the pull down projector screen as it's background, to create the a corner free look.


After completing two relatively basic stop motion films for My Sundaya Solar Power

....I feel ready to take on the monster product!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 23.49.50.png

The influence of rehab

My two year rehab story I will save you for another time but what it ultimately led me to was not only a love for the words of Abraham but also for time-lapse photography. And since then I a have been honing my skills consistently.

TB wide banner.jpg

The ultimate test in stop motion

Today I was in my home made studio (normally a yoga studio!) working my camera magic with my faithful assistant Nyoman and I can tell you it was a pretty testing day!

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 22.02.24.png

What's in the box?

Our series was given this name because each box unpacks before us and all the bits fit together in a way that makes it not only interesting to watch but also clear and easy to understand.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 22.50.02.png

You can see the two stop motion films i finished a few days ago demonstrating The JouleStick and the Ulitium kits. Both well worth having due to their size, weight, price and durability.


The Ulitium & JouleStick are fantastic lightweight products but the JouleBox is a much more complex kit and not so easy to explain in a fast paced film.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 22.34.06.png

The all singing all dancing JouleBox Kit

Not quite sure why I left the most complicated film for my last week in Bali! No pressure at all now! There are many things which can go wrong on low budget shoots like this one.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.16.17.jpg

You can see above the many different features which need to be described clearly using stop motion photography... in a creative and eye-catching way.... which should have the effect of making you want to buy one!

I believe in this product so much that I lugged the complete JouleBox kit to Kepa Island in Alor, Indonesia whilst relaxing on a very small off grid island for a week with only a JouleBox kit to keep my equipment running!

I think you will enjoy the film. It shows a little of my crazy life and my obsession with capturing the most stunning time-lapse shots I can find. And I did it all with solar power :)

Fancy one for yourself?

Check out their site to see full specs, size options and prices. They are guaranteed for 25 years and in my humble opinion are the most efficient 'energy collectors' I have ever had the pleasure of using.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 22.51.26.png

Why is it the ultimate creative challenge for me?

There is almost never a budget so one must think outside the box consistently. Making a film is like solving problems from sunrise to sunset. That's right, film makers get up early!

For me film is the culmination of all the arts:

  • Writing
  • Casting
  • Set design
  • Costume design
  • Make-up
  • Acting
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Composing
  • Marketing
  • Poster design

The list is endless. And I love every last thing on it. More than that I will never stop pushing myself to improve my skills as a film maker... and sense of humour!

The King's Piece

I leave you now with my most famous YouTube film of all. I suspect it won't be everyone's cup of tea as it does take the mickey somewhat. I was just having a bit of fun with my favourite porn stars on a Sunday afternoon in a Lord's mansion. And I always wanted to be a King!

Never stop enjoying the ride folks...

Onward & Upward :)

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The King's Piece, what a clever name! I have so many questions. What was it like filming in that iconic spot? Did any of the cast from that movie reach out to you? Thanks for sharing your new movie set up as well!


I filmed there every day due to my job at Babestation! They had a deal with Lord Edward Davenport to use his mansion every afternoon to make our films for the pay per view part of the channel.

Did the cast reach out to me??? Well, you could put it like that.

I was engaged to one of them for 10 months!

Thankfully it didn't work out ;)

I envy you, as I always wanted to endure in the nomad way of life. I just don't have courage and support to do it yet. It must be astonishing to know that you are truly free. I am using my own recorded positive affirmations and I see some results. Hope it would help me achieve at least some of my goals. Peace, love and unity my friend!


Have you signed up to the Abraham daily quotes?

Reading these every day really helps :)


And where should I find that my dear friend? Would gladly do it.

help you help me, give me a lot like

You the setting and good quality post. Good stuff bra


Thanks! I do my best :)

wow, amazing. it is really fantastic. keep posting such interesting and eyes catching stuff. Thank you.


The pleasure is all mine ;)

stunning film making Sammy of your paradise. Sundaya kit looks so good too!


I hope you are able to buy one! They really are amazing.

OMG! This is SUCH an AMAZING post! Thank you for sharing! I give you a vote !!


Jealous of the location.

Jealous of the kit.

Just call me Mrs Green.



Try not to cast spells on yourself with your words. Though I know you are saying them with a smile.

Never any need to be jealous. Everything you desire can be yours through focusing on the beauty of having it already. But the Law of Attraction must be practiced before you perfect it :)


As you guessed 'Tongue in Cheek'

Jealousy is not something I have ever suffered from.

Still, I appreciate your caring comment.



Well, I finally get to see a more "genteel" side of you, Sam. :) I loved the stunning time-lapse at the end of the JouleBox 1000 video. I almost thought one of the bulbs would descend into the shot with you turning it on to illuminate the night! lol Well done! btw, I gave you a well-deserved mention in my recent 500 milestone post. I hope that was ok with you. :)


Thanks for watching the films :)

And thanks also for the mention! I will check that out now... 🙏🏻


Thanks, glad you liked it. Interesting two-camera? setup. So that's the creative corner. :) It looks like you had a crew to shoot it.

Wow. More Electro Generating Gadgets?
This is the future.
Fascinating to follow.
Congrats on the Cameras!


Solar would be our main power source already were it not for Big Oil and the control they seek.

The product I am filming at the moment is mind-blowing. Powerful enough to charge my professional drone.

Will keep you informed!

I've been voting for you as a witness for a long time and I truly wish that others would do the same because you deserve to be in the top! - Please publish another article shortly again. I love your articles!


Errrr... I am not on the witness list and have no interest in becoming one! So, I think you are mistaken there.

Thanks for the solar power lighting tip. Those kits are really neat and would be great just to have on hand.


Absolutely! They are really practical.

Check their website here:


Your productions look absolutely incredible Sam. And that blog video was phenomenal! Interesting, engaging, and incredibly cinematic. You're an inspiration my friend!