Kitchen table lost to Open Market!

in #creativity3 years ago

When my 8 year old daughter Hannah starts a project, she typically goes over kill. A small Rainbow Loom kit was like a gateway drug for creativity helping her to create rings, bracelets, necklaces and even fake bacon!   

Despite her hard efforts and quality products, her 2 younger brothers are seldom interested in making any purchases from her. This honestly breaks my heart.    

While working in my home office today, I overheard her negotiating the terms of a sale with her brother Kris (6)... 

Hannah: Its $5

Kris: No way, how about $1

Hannah: Do you have any idea how much work this was? You try to make one, or just buy this one for $5.

Oh, it makes me laugh, but seriously she will be the CEO of a major company one day. (First born female / Libra )

My next step is hopefully to get her actually doing a real market. We'll be trying out the local Farmer's Market which starts in the spring. But for older kids (if you have some around the house) they can actually open their own markets! 

I ran across a great platform called OpenBazaar ( which allows anyone (anonymously) to open up a market page and list your products. Money is exchanged using Bitcoin, and from what I can tell there are little to no costs for transactions. Some types of transactions do have fees on certain products, but the rates are clearly shown. This is seriously the next step for Ebay shoppers, and likely next step for my daughter when her next big inspiration comes to her.