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Today I will be showing you how to make Passion Fruit Curd & Apricot Mustard, two absolutely delectable gifts from my kitchen, both super easy and quick but must confess I could not stop myself from opening one of each. The Drunken Fruit I made a couple of days ago however are still sealed, tempting me with their luscious looks but they are Gifts from my Heart, Gifts from my Kitchen, so they will have to bide their time until delivery :)


I found the Apricot Mustard recipe in a delightful little local book Geskenk Resepte - Gift Recipes by Annette Human, a real treasure trove of ideas for gifts from the kitchen. This Mustard has a real nice zing to it, as all Mustard should have, an interesting mix containing dried Turkish Apricots, Honey, Sherry, English Mustard Powder, Ginger & Curry Powder - no added sugar!
This is absolutely scrumptious eaten with any savoury dish and even makes a yummy dip for snacks.
A handy tip to remember when making your own Mustard Sauce - if it dries out a little simply add a little sherry, give it a good stir and you have a little more sauce on hand. However, this is so delicious that I cannot see it standing on the shelves for very long, so that's unlikely to happen :)


The Passion Fruit Curd is a variation of a Lemon Curd recipe that an old friend gave me years ago - Passion Fruit replaces some of the Lemon juice. This is one of the easiest preserve to make, throw everything into the pot, stir until it starts bubbling, and Bob's your uncle, it's ready for bottling! Store it in the refrigerator - will keep for up to three weeks.
Delicious eaten on toast as well as a fabulous pastry/ choux puff filler.


Apricot Mustard
Yields 2 small bottles - approx 300 ml


  • 250 gram dried Apricots - I used Turkish Apricots but any type will do
  • 750 ml Water
  • 40 ml English Mustard Powder
  • 10 ml Curry Powder
  • 5 ml ground Ginger
  • 80 ml Honey
  • 50 ml Sherry
    Cook Apricots in water till soft and swollen, drain
    Place all ingredients into blender & blend till smooth
    Spoon into sterilised bottles & seal
    Looks real messy when placing into blender but do not fear, you'll end up with a delicious Mustard, nothing could be easier!

Passion Fruit Curd
Yields 3 medium & 1 small bottle


  • 500 gram Butter
  • 625 ml Sugar
  • Rind & juice of 3 lemons
  • Pulp from 3 Passion Fruit
  • 4 beaten Eggs
    Place all into deep pot on a medium heat, stir until it starts bubbling


Remove from heat, spoon into sterilised bottles & seal


Place into refrigerator to set curd before using


Cover lids with paper doilies & ribbon

An all yellow theme today - Passionfruit Curd & Apricot Mustard

Drunken Fruit, Passionfruit Curd & Apricot Mustard all waiting for final packaging

As promised I will give you some ideas for packaging & labeling using everyday household items that you may normally throw away, so keep on collecting items as per my first post - link below.

1. Gifts from my Heart, Gifts from my Kitchen - Drunken Fruit

Go well my friends, have a great weekend, till next time for Gifts from my Kitchen #3.
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Thank you so very much @steemkitchen!

Thank you for sharing these recipes with us @lizelle! The passionfruit curd is calling my name... I just need to find some passionfruit and I will be making this for sure!

Oh it is delicious indeed, you can also just make it with lemons :)
Thank you for your support and feedback :)

My pleasure!

I love lemon curd, I have great memories of my Mum making it at home regularly :)

my, my, my...I can't wait to make both of these @lizelle! I have wanted to make a great curd recipe :) And mustard, with apricots, oh dear! Scandalous! lol Wonderful post my friend!!

Oh these are both delicious and so easy! I was actually thinking of my Birdy friend when I saw the mustard as there's no sugar in it, so your healthy recipes are telling me to cut back on the sugary stuff! It's the first time I made the mustard, certainly not the last, I've already claimed one bottle ;)

Greta recipes they both sound so good

Thank you for your support @tattoodjay, they both are a real treat indeed!

MY pleasure to visit :)

Hmmm, apricot mustard, I can not say that I have ever heard about it before but must admit that it sounds interesting. I like crazy combinations and this seems just crazy enough for me to love it 💚

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Oh they look so delicious! I just love mustard - seems odd to mix it with apricots, but I'm sure it's a new taste experience!

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