A Quick Introduction and Pitch to Thinkers and Creatives

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This is my first submission to Steemit, so I'm gonna keep it as short as possible, even though the ideas are hard to contain. You'll soon see why.

I've been working with others on a new concept.

If you're ready for it.

If you get it.

If it sounds like you... then let's get the conversation started.

The thing I'm working on is that we all want a better opportunity -- to participate, to do something more, to do better. But, if you are creative or "differently intelligent," you may not want to waste time and ideas on meaningless or unfulfilling projects. You want to do something where you can apply your talents. Most jobs don't let us do that and, if you're like me, they actually discourage you from getting too creative! What?

We are talking about a loose collaboration of dedicated and diversely talented or uniquely skilled people coming together to take on new projects. We are envisioning working together in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Maybe you've done some creative work or even developed some great startup ideas.

Maybe you're a writer, actor, independent researcher, musician or artist in some way.

Maybe you're brilliant but don't fit into a rigid, hierarchical (top heavy) company.

Maybe you studied something in a deep way, but you see no fit for that particular thing in any one organization, company or school.

And, there is a social side to this too.

Maybe you think that our leaders (globally) are barely tapping the surface of what is possible and that their idea of a creative "vision" for society is, well.... lacking?

More on that here.

enter image description here

GliderCell was the name that came to mind during a chat with a partner on this topic. It requires some explanation and I can go more into that on the next post... but we'll just say it's related to some early experiments in the 1970s in cellular automata.

Glider Cells were an unexpected group of digital cells (put into motion algorithmically) that began forming a diagonal pathway across a grid between orderly and chaotic regions. And, there's a powerful metaphor in all this dealing with the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. It also speaks to collective intelligence and order forming from chaos.

GliderCell would basically be a production company - producing content of all kinds for various worthy projects. If the group were large enough, different people could be tapped for different projects and would be paid according to time + intensity + overall contribution to the project. Contribute a little or contribute a lot.

If we were to be set up in blockchain style or DAO format, we could have a lot of projects in the pipeline. Financial success on one project could lead to funding for another. It would be a way to work so that you could avoid having to pitch to VCs or apply for grants.

You could either bring new opportunities to the table, or join in on some that we've already started. Here's an example of one of the projects we might do.

And, this is a portfolio of my work I made on Sway.

If you see something that lines up with what you're doing, let's talk. Thanks!

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