Mercy Cosplay - Heroes Never Die!

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Mercy is a support hero from the video game Overwatch and I learned of the character in June of 2016 after which I decided to cosplay her. She has literally changed my life by altering my study path completely from my just finished bachelor or science (major: zoology, minors: statistics and environmental sciences) to scenic construction and properties at a drama school for the next 2 years.


This cosplay took around a year to make and features a spinning staff and articulated wings. I'm incredibly happy with how it turned out, especially with most parts of this build being new to me, but I do want to remake the wings at some point (they're a bit heavy).


(Photo by Dawn of Dusk Photography)

I wore this cosplay to Wellington Armageddon Expo in 2017 as well as Auckland Armageddon Expo that same year. I plan to retire her for now while I work on other projects until the day I decide to remake the wings. Needing to have someone with you at all times to put on the wings and take them off can be quite the hassle.


Here are a few more images of the cosplay in action at the two events I attended. =D





capturing heartbeats 4.jpg

(Photo by Capturing Heartbeats, my halo is missing here)

Hope you guys enjoyed!


very nice attention to detail! i'm an overwatch player. a masterful mercy player can carry a whole team!

Nice to meet another Overwatch player on here! =D
Who's your favorite hero? Mine is Mercy of course, but I love all the supports. <3

Really glad you like the cosplay!

yea mercy rocks! i think her resurrection is better now (single resurrection) and more useful. my aim is horrible so i play a lot of defense players. mainly junkrat and torbjorn. i also play support too--moira and symmetra.

I am kinda confused about that sewing machine box :)

I won the cosplay contest at one of the conventions (the Wellington one) and the prize was a sewing machine. A friend was holding it for me while someone took a photo. =)

Well, I guess it's a useful and practical gift for any serious cosplayer :)

I didn't have my own one yet so it was definitely super useful. =D

I always had to borrow one before. =)

hehe it for sure has a special meaning.. iam most likely just too old to get it

LMAO - I had to look up and down the page a few times to spot it!

Wow the outfit is awesome. I haven't played the game called overwatch before but seeing u in ur costume I really need to play it. You really look like a video game character. It fits you so well, you look beautiful.

Thanks so much! =D

The game is tons of fun to play and I highly recommend it. =)

I will search for it. Thanks following you now

Amazing Cosplay. You really put some effort in every detail of it. Great job :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! =D

Thanks! =)

No thanks just smile :)


Really cool!!

The amount of work that went into the design and creation must have been huge ..

I've watched my son play Overwatch so many times and tried it myself much to his amusement ..

Shows you're pretty dedicated .. Follow your dreams!!


Courtesy of @joshoeah

Thank you! Mercy took over a year to build and I am super happy with how she turned out! <3

I will definitely keep following my dreams. =D

Wow very good, please help me follow and voute

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