Can I please have a Ninja Turtles treasure box for Christmas?

Last minute DIY project underway. Any advice is most welcome!


Every kid loves a treasure box.


My little girl had many of them.

As a teenager she still has some of them.

Pretty little jewellery boxes that stored anything from beads, rocks and jewellery, to cicada shells, feathers and bus tickets.

Kids like to collect treasure.

So why are all the jewellery boxes marketed towards girls?

If my son wanted a pink princess box I would have no problem with him having one, but without conditioning, or at least without conscious conditioning, we have a stereotypical boy who likes superheros and cars and most of all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He currently stores them in this fabric covered box that a vase originally came in.


I often mention my desire to create and upcycle.

Our recent council clean up had the streets awash with usable stuff, and my hording kicked into overdrive.

I picked up a kids jewellery box among other things and am in the process of a last minute redecorate.


I have completed the first coat of green paint.

I am thinking of stencilling on some Turtles and TMNT design.



Any tips from clever steemians is most welcome.

I wasn't sure when I would actually get time to do it.

But my medical condition wakes me at 4am like clockwork. Once my medication does it's thing I have a 2 hour window before he wakes.

I have never been a morning person. I'm still not, but someone needs to notify my circadian rhythm.


I thought that box was ruined when the hot water tap exploded under the sink last week?