Monthly Call for Contributors [The Creative Crypto]

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Each month, The Creative Crypto opens its doors and invites anyone interested in submitting articles and essays to the magazine or contributing to the ongoing public Billboard. You can find the whole scope of what we publish and look to receive here. All contributors earn cryptocurrency through our Steem-based voting protocol, making this a truly decentralized and collaborative effort. If you have a story to tell, are an avid goer of crypto-events, or have a unique perspective on the space, we would love to connect with you. Also, please share this with someone if you think they’d be interested!

For companies and initiatives with ongoing updates, events, and activities, be sure to contact us at hello[@] to get it up on the Billboard!

Have an event, project, competition, special announcement, or other relevant news you would like to share with The Creative Crypto community through the Billboard? Click on the button below to submit info on your recent and upcoming activities!

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Hey guys! I got some crypto-mannequin-stories... I should contact you in the next days ;-)
I will try to do that.
Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Covering events could be a fun way to contribute to the magazine. Though I'm not sure how often they are hosted in my country.