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Did you have a great idea when you were sitting idle and not busy with anything? If yes, this is not a coincidence. Boredom has nothing to do with creativity.

The experiment conducted at the University of Central Lancashire had one of the two groups of 40 people who had a very boring job of copying phone numbers to a page for 15 minutes, while the other group listed what could be done with a trophy. Then both groups were asked to work on a job where they could show their creativity.

After all, the bored group has shown a more creative performance. After the research, a group of phone numbers, while others have read numbers and names. It is seen that those who read here are more creative.

So boredom and creativity are directly related. The result of the research reveals that. Boredom triggers creativity. The boring work that we are in a passive state allows us to be more creative.

According to the research, usually passive activities such as reading a boring article, or having to participate in a lesson that we do not enjoy, reveals the effect of dreaming.

It also motivates the person to new, satisfying activities. It is seen that the sense of fear may help to escape the danger, the feeling of sadness is to prevent future mistakes, the boredom is also triggered by curiosity and it has pushed people to try new things.

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